TheCustomer News - Ep6

TheCustomer News – Episode 6

In TheCustomer News Episode 6, Rafer Weigel and his guests (Chris McGreal, Co-Founder at Cordial  and Carl Doty, Principal at Atlaas) bring insight and context to the customer engagement developments of the day:

  • Creating & delivering empathy at scale
    • With companies being in a more fragile state after COVID, there’s a growing trend among businesses  – create a Martech platform that has empathy for its customers and employees.  The article says there’s a need to “speak human” through artificial intelligence.  It seems the more we talk about things like improving CX and now being more sensitive to people’s feelings, the COVID reset feels like going back to common sense.
  • Improving consumer distrust in data practices
    • A startling stat from a PEW Research poll – More than 80% of Americans don’t trust companies or the government with our data.  The concern is with the rate data is growing, watchdog agencies won’t be able to keep up.
  • Recognizing the expectation gap and fixing it
    • The subject of rewards programs is on the minds of consumers.  55% says rewards programs don’t actually give with customers say they want.  But 48% also say companies need to deliver a better customer experience.  So, in one study we don’t want them collecting our data but at the same time, we want a better customer experience.

TheCustomer News Episode 6 Guests

Roundtable Discussion: Meeting rising & changing customer expectations

We delve deeper into the conundrum for companies – how do brands meet the demands of their customers as expectations rise?  It seems the customer has become as fickle as a teenager – we don’t want our data out there but we want a better CX.  How do brands navigate those expectations?

Special guests:

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