brand loyalty roadmap

The secret to great CX is
knowing what your customers expect
… ahead of time.

Now you can.

What could you achieve if you knew what your customers expected before they did?

Every year consumer expectations increase – an average of 28%. Brands only manage to keep up by 7%. That’s an awfully big gap between what consumers really desire and what your brand delivers.

It’s a tough spot for a brand to be in because most expectations are emotional. And consumers don’t think how they feel. And they don’t say what they think or do what they say. That explains the gap.

An Expectation Audit points brands toward adaptive strategies, overlooked values, and un-leveraged tactics.

The Expectation Audit explains what to do about it with definitive measures, using insights from our database of 4.5 million consumers, 1,675 brands in 150 categories.

Each unique Expectation Audit is harvested from the world’s largest, most-continuous database of 4.5 million consumer assessments of 1,624 brands in 142 categories. These metrics provide professionals in all marketing sectors with exceptionally affordable, emotionally-based, predictive assessments and insights.

The Expectation Audit provides CX, NPS, CRM, CSAT and brand professionals with exceptionally affordable, emotionally-based, predictive assessments and insights from the world’s largest brand tracking database.

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These metrics have been successfully applied in B2B, B2C, and D2C categories in 35 countries by some of the world’s largest brands including  Apple, Nike, Dunkin’, the U.S. Army, McDonald’s, The Hartford, Microsoft, Home Depot, Juicy Couture, Intel, Canon, Coca-Cola, Kate Spade, Hyatt, Johnson & Johnson, The Advertising Research Foundation, Citibank, Hyundai, Unilever, P&G, Macys, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Toyota, and AT&T.