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TheCustomer QT – February 9, 2021

In the latest edition of TheCustomer QT: What’s the real reason behind your data privacy efforts? Facebook wants to avoid a splinternet. Apparently your data has a life beyond yours. And the high bar for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

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Loyalty Lessons

Quick-take: Punchh found 85% of c-store owners and operators acknowledge that personalizing loyalty programs is extremely important, but it also shows that only a minority of c-stores currently execute on it. The research reveals 15% of stores still use punch cards, and only 14% solicit loyalty through mobile apps.


Burger King To Test New Loyalty Program

Quick-take: According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2021 State of the Industry report, 12% of quick-service operators have added a loyalty program since March 2020.


Loyalty voxpop: The value of loyalty

Quick-take: According to McCann Worldgroup’s Truth about Commerce study, 74% of UK shoppers think that stores care more about their data than they do about the personal experience they are delivering.



Customer Data Platform Industry to Reach $1.5 Billion in 2021

Quick-take: The report estimates CDP Industry revenue for 2020 at $1.3 billion and projects 2021 revenues will reach at least $1.55 billion.  These figures measure revenues for all CDP product sales worldwide, including CDP components within other systems such as message delivery or ecommerce.


Will loyalty become a new form of currency?

Quick-take: “When the pandemic hit, there wasn’t much activity at the beginning due to strict lockdowns. Then users started to turn to points as an alternate currency, people either wanted to save money, didn’t have access to cash or lost their jobs. Once you become aware of your points, you are actively using them.”



The Future Of CX Is Helping Customers In Real Time

Quick-take: While Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a great measurement of the customer’s likelihood to recommend a company, it doesn’t measure something specific in the customer’s journey, like an interaction with an employee.


New consumer behaviours accelerate need to focus on experience

Quick-take: While a focus on customer experience (CX) has traditionally been based on transactions with customers, being experience-led is a new way of working that is increasingly being backed by the C-suite, according to the research. Accenture Interactive calls this new holistic approach – which is becoming an urgent business imperative – the Business of Experience (BX).


Visual AI is the Key to Human-Centered CX

Quick-take: Imagine visiting a website that adjusted its colors and layout to align with your mood. Calming light blue and a minimalist design greet you when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


Rethinking customer service

Quick-take: According to Salesforce, 59% of customers say that the pandemic has raised their standards for customer service. This means that what was tolerable before COVID-19 is no longer acceptable.



The Pandemic Has Created A New Customer Reality

Quick-take: Siloed departments often decided for themselves what data to collect and deploy. The gaps that are created by lack of information flow and miscommunication, greatly reduce the capability for integrated organizational performance.


Sales and marketing still not in alignment

Quick-take: According to the report, though, 43% of respondents thought goals were poorly aligned; 43% thought the teams collaborated poorly; and 46% of marketers felt that sales doesn’t understand what’s important.



Consumers have poor understanding of data privacy

Quick-take: More than 83% of 1,000 people surveyed said they were proactive in maintaining their data privacy however, they did not take basic precautions to protect their data.


The Future of Customer Experience

Quick-take: A brand’s business goals cannot override customers’ expectations of ethical behavior. The era of data rights as human rights is here. At minimum, every experience in the future will be scored and ranked against a code of ethics. This will depend on two fundamental aspects: a value exchange for data sharing, and hyper-personalized privacy settings.


GroupM works with Unilever to measure ethical risks of data

Quick-take: GroupM’s new ethics tool is one of three key steps in evaluating the legality of using data in a campaign, following a compliance check and quality review.
Editor’s Note:  Interesting that this appears to be a risk-mitigation effort rather than a way to build rapport, transparency and relationship with the customer.


Virginia Ready to Pass First State Privacy Statute after CCPA

Quick-take: If approved by the state governor, the VCDPA would become the United States’ second comprehensive state privacy law behind the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


Facebook and Snap call for a GDPR-aligned Privacy Act

Quick-take: Facebook called for “effective privacy and data protection” as part of a “globally harmonised framework“. It believes failing to do runs the risk of creating a “splinternet”, where some countries or regions of the world adopt approaches to privacy and data protection that are mutually exclusive to other regimes.
Editor’s Note:  A “splinternet”?


What happens to personal data in a closed account?

Quick-take: But generally speaking, when you give personal data to most other companies there are no data privacy protection mandates. There is, in short, no industry standard.



Valentine’s Day Will Break Last Year’s Record Sales

Quick-take: Consumer psychology is primed to make Valentine’s Day an even bigger retail event this year than last year, when sales hit an estimated $27.4 billion, representing a 20% year-over-year increase from 2019.



Tim Hortons continues egg program

Quick-take: Tim Hortons’ parent company, Restaurant Brands International, announced it would be changing its loyalty programs to help combat weak sales. Year over year sales at the popular coffee chain dropped by US$150 million.

Editor’s Note:  To our Canadian friends – really?



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