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In 2019, we deployed the X Index across three countries—China, France, and the United States—surveying 19,000 people on more than 150 brands. These brands operate in a variety of industries, from fast food and fashion to transportation and finance, and include both bricks & clicks brands (brick & mortar brands that have gone through the digital transformation) and digital natives.

We are all pain-point intolerant.

Intolerance has become the disease of our century: Some of us are intolerant to gluten, others to dairy. But if there’s one thing to which we’re all intolerant, it’s pain points. As a society, we’ve never been so impatient. For 53% of Prosumers, waiting is the thing they hate the most in life.1 And it’s been found that people ditch slow-loading videos online after only two seconds. We expect brands to offer us experiences that are seamless, personalized, and memorable. Anything less is an irritant.

Bad CX means bad business.

When brands fail to meet our expectations, the payback is quite expensive. It takes 12 good experiences to make up for a bad one.2 It takes financial effort and lots of resources to repair the damage. Sometimes it is even worse: Over one-third of consumers will leave a brand after a single bad experience.3 On the other hand, when brands manage to offer a good customer experience (CX), it will lead to stronger business performance. Eighty-four percent of companies that devoted resources to improving their CX have seen their revenues increase.4 A positive CX can reduce costs by as much as one-third.5

CX matters more than anything else for CMOs.

In this context, it’s crucial for chief marketing officers (CMOs) to ask themselves the right questions: What are the moments that matter within the customer experience? In which interactions with customers is it essential to invest? How should they prioritize their efforts? Havas developed the X Index to answer these questions. Created in partnership with research institute OpinionWay, this proprietary tool serves as a global barometer with which to measure and pilot the customer experience.



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