REPORT: Marketing Operations Survey 2020

Unlock Gartner’s 4 step framework to maximize the efficiency of marketing operations

Marketing operations leaders are becoming increasingly common. Gartner research says 49% of surveyed marketers have a marketing operations leader in at least one team. 

As the complexity of marketing increases and budgets tighten, marketing leaders are placing a greater emphasis on marketing operations. The Marketing Operations Survey 2020 dives deep into a 4 step marketing operations framework that can help enhance your organization’s marketing efficiency, effectiveness, and work methods. Download this research to learn how to:

  • Develop an effective marketing strategy to frame marketing ops leaders’ current role’s scope and operational KPIs
  • Identify and fix the biggest marketing operational loopholes.
  • Optimize marketing work management platforms and operational martech to match the needs of your marketing organization

Download the Report Here.

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