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Fostering Trust and Transparency in the New Customer Age

The CxO Report Deep Dive: The Road to Trust and Transparency, offers guidance to people charged with implementing trust-factor initiatives.

Last month we released the CxO Report: The Road to Customerization to bring perspective and guidance to organizations navigating the very new and very different customer terrain we’re in.  At its essence, the CxO report was a compiled series of conversations we had with C-level leaders from various corners of the customer-orientation universe offering their perspective, opinion, warnings and advice.

The report has been well-received and its themes have been the source of a great deal of healthy discussion amongst its readers and the participating executives, all of whom were very candid and forthcoming.

We touched on a series of meta themes which, as a whole, contribute to something of a topographical map of this new “customerized” territory.  The idea being that readers would do better to piece together their own localized “maps”, if you will, with the thematic guidance from people may not have navigated that particular path but whom certainly know the principles involved.

One of those meta-themes is trust.  More specifically, trust and transparency – and how building high levels of both are now core and critical to healthy relationships with newly empowered customers.  Trust is one of the most foundational characteristics of any relationship – interpersonal, vendor/customer, or otherwise, and it is becoming harder and harder to obtain and foster.

But that’s hardly news.

CxO Report Deep Dive - TRUST and TransparencyThe questions that this fact poses, and the problems that it raises, on the other hand, are monumental.

As a follow-on to the CxO Report, we decided to extend the conversation to some people who we felt have the experience, the expertise – the “chops” if you will – to help us dive deeper into the issues of trust and transparency.  We asked them, very specifically, to give us real-world examples, use-cases and perspective and to do so with the same candor of the original CxO Report.

  • Charlie Swift – Industry marketing expert with extensive expertise in credit, subscription and publishing
  • Kevin Bauer – Leader in digital transformation in retail and e-commerce
  • Michael Fisher – Board Member at TheCustomer
  • Terrilyn Tourangeau – Loyalty Executive leading consumer engagement for global hospitality organizations
  • Marc Shull – Big data expert with specific competencies in data insights and consumer privacy legislation

The CxO Report Deep Dive:  The Road to Trust and Transparency, takes that same format and brings this heady topic down to street level, where the people who are charged with implementation, administering and managing trust-factor initiatives can find practical how-to advice and learning.

As one of the CxOs put it in the original report,

“We’re in the space age now – the age of social media and influencers and the age of trust. The age of credibility is now up in the atmosphere, but so many are still fighting with tanks and soldiers. If we don’t adapt, we are going to fall victim to those that do.”
– Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, Cision

Our hope and intent with this follow-on report is that it will provide you with perspective and confidence as you navigate the potentially murky waters of trust and transparency with your customers.  You can access this brand new report here.

Photo by James Haworth on Unsplash.


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