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QuickTake – The Week in CX

Here’s a roundup of the latest major news items from around the world of CX.

This past week in the Customer Experience (CX) industry has seen several significant developments from across the globe, highlighting innovations, strategic partnerships, and the continuous evolution towards enhanced digital engagement and customer understanding.

  1. Genesys and Salesforce Launch AI-Powered CX and CRM Solution – A strategic collaboration introducing a unified AI-powered solution integrating Genesys Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud​​.
  2. Zendesk Introduces Powerful AI for Intelligent CX – New AI capabilities aimed at enhancing customer service quality and agent efficiency, along with advanced security options​​.
  3. Latest CCaaS Announcements from AWS, NICE, and Zoom – Innovations include Five9’s Agent Assist 2.0, Cresta’s generative AI enhancements, and Google’s generative AI App Builder​​.
  4. Zoom Expands into CCaaS with New Innovations – Highlighting Zoom’s AI assistant “Claude” and the ambition to build a comprehensive, AI-powered platform for customer engagement​​.
  5. Genesys Phases Out Its Multicloud CX Platform – Focusing on a singular, public-cloud solution, Genesys Cloud CX, to streamline their offerings​​.
  6. Microsoft Unveils Sales Copilot – A new application aimed at improving productivity and personalizing customer conversations across various platforms​​.
  7. The Power of AI in CX Takes Center Stage at Zendesk Showcase – Highlighting new generative AI capabilities and their impact on customer and employee experiences​​.
  8. Zoom’s CCaaS Market Success and Innovations – Discussing Zoom’s early success in the CCaaS market and its extensive features aimed at enhancing customer and employee experiences​​.
  9. Zendesk Showcase: AI and CX Product Offerings – Zendesk to debut new product offerings focusing on AI’s role in enhancing customer experience, hosted in New York City​​.
  10. Contact Center Innovations and Partnerships – Various announcements from Cisco, GoTo, Enghouse, Sprinklr, and significant moves in conversational AI and customer experience technology​​.
  11. Cisco Targets Patient Experience with New Partnerships – Focusing on enhancing the patient experience in the healthcare sector through innovative partnerships and solutions​​.
  12. King Power Slashes Operational Costs with 8×8’s SMS API – Demonstrating how effective use of technology can lead to significant cost savings and operational efficiency​​.
  13. GoTo Introduces Contact Center Pro for Larger Businesses – Expanding its offerings to cater to the needs of larger business operations with advanced contact center solutions​​.
  14. Enghouse Introduces ‘Next-Gen’ AI Suite For Contact Centres – Launching a suite of AI-powered tools aimed at enhancing the functionality and efficiency of contact centers​​.
  15. Sprinklr Signs Statement BT Deal, Follows Up Huge Deutsche Telekom CCaaS Win – Highlighting Sprinklr’s strategic wins in the CCaaS space with major telecommunication companies​​.
  16. VOXI by Vodafone Deploys GenAI Chatbot – Marking a significant step in the use of generative AI within the UK telecommunication sector​​.

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