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TheCustomer Quick-Take: 3/29/23

In this week’s edition of the QT – Have you ever seen such a frenzy over technology like the one we’re seeing now over ChatGPT and Generative AI?  That’s not a rhetorical question. In an attempt to sift through the hype and anxiety, we’ve been talking to people who actually understand the technology and its potential, and reading piles and piles of opinion and punditry on the topic.  The result – call it the tip of a very, very large iceberg, is below.  Plus, stay tuned for upcoming podcasts with some of the best minds in business. 

Plus, plus – be sure to check out Robert Passikoff’s latest in our feature: The One Reason Why Disney Won

CustomerLand Ep 3 – Omnichannel is Hard … but it is Doable!

Sara Richter is Emarsys‘ CMO and, as such, has a lot to say about how to – and how not to go about omnichannel personalization initiatives at scale.  With clients such as Gibson Guitars, Puma, Pizza Hut and a slew of other top brands, Emarsys is in a good position to opine and advise on the topic.  Want to know how the big brands are pulling it off?  Give a listen – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Also -special thanks to Verint for their sponsorship of this episode.

FEATURE: The One Reason Why Disney Won

consumer expectations

Meeting expectations better means better behavior, better behavior means better sales, better sales. . . well, you get the logical flow. Disney revenue for 2022 was $84.5B, up 16% YOY. Disney is the 5th most-valuable media brand, the 7th most-valuable brand in the world ($61B, +18% YOY), and has one of the highest brand awareness levels in the United States (94%).  READ MORE.

Software is fracturing your organization

Hundreds of tools. Disparate processes. Languishing employee engagement. If you feel like your organization is disconnected and spiraling in silos, you’re not alone. Forrester surveyed 1,000+ knowledge workers to uncover “The Crisis of Fractured Organizations.”

500-Plus ChatGPT Prompts for Marketers

Generative A.I. tools are set to upend the world of marketing and content creation. Start experimenting now to stay ahead of the curve.

54 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Bloggers, Marketers

ChatGPT and other AI apps are usually not able to create content that can be simply copied and pasted without any human edits. When you use an AI tool, be sure to go through the results thoroughly to be sure that all information is correct and that the messages are appropriate for your audience.

ChatGPT is about to revolutionize the economy

We need to decide what that looks like. New large language models will transform many jobs. Whether they will lead to widespread prosperity or not is up to us.

See you next week!

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