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TheCustomer News – Episode 3

In episode 3 of TheCustomer News, Rafer and guests add some customer context to the latest headlines affecting the marketing space and then open up a discussion on the implications of Apples impending privacy “openness” requirements.  Their “privacy nutrition label” as it has been called, has ruffled the feathers of both Facebook and Google.  Facebook even going so far as to publish a series of full-page newspaper ads decrying the move.  What’s behind the noise?  What are the implications for customer-facing operations?  Rafer, Mike and special guests, Carl Doty and Tim Myers, principals at Atlaas, open up the issues.

Episode 3 topics:

  • US Publisher cleared in GDPR case – does GDPR no apply?
  • Walmart becomes its own media channel
  • Jeff Bezos announces he’s stepping down – what does he leave behind?
  • Apple’s new, stricter privacy controls have riled Facebook and Google, what does that mean for marketers.

Special guests:

Carl Doty, Principal at Atlaas

Tim Myers, Principal at Atlaas

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