Atlaas launches

Industry Veterans Launch Atlaas, Customer Data & Advisory Firm

Atlaas helps brands identify customer values and expectations, and then drive sustainable growth by aligning departments, processes, and initiatives to anticipate and meet those expectations.

New York, NY (February 1, 2021) – Customer strategy and technology veterans, Dave Frankland, Carl Doty, Tim Myers, and Mike Giambattista announced today the launch of customer data and advisory firm, Atlaas. 

“Historically, alignment with customer expectations is the single strongest indicator of brand success within a category,” said Mike Giambattista, Managing Director of Atlaas. “By activating 25 years of proprietary consumer sentiment data from more than a million American consumers, across thousands of brands and hundreds of categories, Atlaas can do something that, up until now, has been painfully illusive. Atlaas can provide organizations with an understanding of why their customers do what they do – and then build a detailed roadmap to move them into congruency with their customers’ values, expectations and purchase intent.”

According to Giambattista,“Organizations don’t need another customer-centric initiative – they need to reorient their existing programs and martech investments toward a company-wide goal of adapting to today’s entitled consumers. Atlaas helps organizations that are drowning in data but starving for insights, to identify and eliminate the blind spots in their customer-facing operations.”

Atlaas goes beyond optimizing for individual customer metrics (eg. CSAT, NPS, CLV) – which are critically important but not necessarily directional – and which often create inefficiencies because they operate with separate goals within separate silos. Instead, Atlaas’ “Expectation Topography” provides a strategic north star that aligns all of the customer-facing initiatives in the same direction.

Atlaas’ directional guidance is based on the “Customer Design Thinking” methodology, which aligns traditionally siloed disciplines, such as customer experience, brand loyalty, customer relationship management, consumer psychology, and behavioral economics. The framework delivers a strategic roadmap informing all of the people, processes, data, and technologies contributing to an organization’s customer strategy. 

Atlaas’ founders, industry experts in marketing technology and services, include:

Carl Doty, Principal

A recognized thought leader and analytical business builder, Carl has a proven history of advising executives at leading global companies to build high performance teams that drive revenue growth. 

Prior to atlaas, Carl was Vice President and Group Director at Forrester Research where he led the research and advisory practices focused on B2C and B2B marketing. During his tenure, he launched research practices, led the firm’s global research in emerging technology, led the body of research that resulted in Forrester’s book “Digital Disruption,” and served as a principal analyst covering the healthcare vertical. Carl also held various roles at Merkle, Tufts Health Plan, and two previous startups.

Dave Frankland, Principal

As an author, consultant, and executive, Dave has helped executives at hundreds of companies define their customer relationship strategy and has focused his career on helping brands turn unreasonable consumer expectations into lasting relationships. 

As Managing Director in Winterberry Group’s consulting practice, Chief Strategy Officer at Selligent Marketing Cloud, and co-founder and Research Director of Forrester’s Customer Intelligence practice he has helped companies around the world develop business, customer, and organizational strategies. Dave previously held various strategy and communication roles at brands and agencies.

Mike Giambattista, Managing Director

Mike is a marketing & media professional with more than 15 years experience helping organizations build brands, voice, and market share that are based around human, narrative and values-based constructs.  

In previous roles, Mike created roadmaps that guided organizations into deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers, employees, and major stakeholders. As a media executive, Mike led award-winning teams at The Miami Herald, The Tribune Companies, and Newsweek. Mike serves as the publisher and CEO of TheCustomer, which he has helmed since its inception in 2019.

Tim Myers, Principal

Tim has spent the last 10 years supporting, implementing, and advising global enterprises such as JP Morgan Chase, Allstate, and Optum in their quest to improve the outcomes of customer lifecycles. 

He draws on extensive experience designing business operating models for the future that are directly enabled by the capabilities made possible by data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Previous positions include Chief Delivery Officer, Senior Consultancy Partner, Chief Technology Information Officer, and Chief Executive Officer positions within the financial services and insurance sectors.

For more information, visit or contact Atlaas directly at 888-534-0808

About Atlaas

Atlaas is a customer data and advisory firm built on the premise that aligning internal and external business operations with customer expectations are the cornerstone of a successful brand. Based on proprietary “Expectation Topography” data and leveraging its “Customer Design Thinking” methodology, Atlaas provides organizations with a roadmap to align their customer-facing initiatives with their customers’ values and expectations.

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