48% of frequent online shoppers show interest in Walmart’s new membership program

Just under 48% of consumers who shop online at least weekly say they are somewhat or very likely to join Walmart+, which Walmart plans to launch tomorrow. Even 43% of Amazon Prime members say they are intrigued by Walmart’s offer, which includes a discount on gas as well as free shipping on some online orders.

Walmart Inc. can expect a warm response to its new Walmart+ membership program from consumers who shop online frequently.

Overall, 41.1% of the 604 online shoppers surveyed by Digital Commerce 360 said they were very (14.9%) or somewhat (26.2%) likely to join Walmart+. But the interest is higher among avid web shoppers: 47.7% of consumers who shop online at least once a week said they are very (19.2%) or somewhat (28.5%) likely to sign up for Walmart+.

Even among members of the Amazon Prime program of archrival Amazon.com Inc., 42.7% express interest in the membership program Walmart announced last week. Walmart plans to launch the program Tuesday, Sept. 15.

It may be that shopper satisfaction with Prime and its convenience makes them more inclined to try a program like Walmart+.

“The big takeaway is that quite a few consumers may be interested in another program like Amazon Prime, and it may be that shopper satisfaction with Prime and its convenience makes them more inclined to try a program like Walmart+,” says long-time ecommerce consultant Lauren Freedman, now senior director of consumer insights for Digital Commerce 360.

She notes that 88% of the survey respondents—who were limited to consumers who shop at least once a month online—belonged to Amazon Prime, an indicator of how popular Prime has become among consumers who shop online on a regular basis.

The coronavirus outbreak also likely contributes to consumer interest in Walmart+, Freedman says. “More shoppers are now buying groceries online, and Walmart is the country’s leading grocery retailer and has reported a big increase in online food sales,” she says. “Plus, many consumers are consolidating their purchasing among fewer retailers, and Walmart seems to be among those gaining ground as a result.”

Walmart did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This article originally appeared in DigitalCommerce360.

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