TheCustomer News - Episode 2

TheCustomer News – Episode 2

Rafer Weigel and team have produced another episode of TheCustomer News where we dig into the latest headlines and, in this case, into some of the biggest brand loyalty news of the year.

  • What’s behind the increase in Cyber Hacks?
  • GDPR shows its teeth – Customer Data & Trust
  • SAP admits $30 Billion “mistake” – Google’s third-party cookie policy comes under fire
  • 2021 CLEI Brandscape discussion

Special Guests Robert Passikoff of Brand Keys and Dave Frankland of Atlaas unpack this year’s Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index to understand the latest Brandscapes.  Why did certain brands place where they did and how can they move from their current position in the quadrants?


We’re in the process of mapping out future shows and building our guest lists so, in addition to announcing this exciting new project, we’re officially inviting you – our readers to consider participating.

Are you a technology or service provider with an important development or announcement you need to highlight?  Are you a brand with an interesting and news-worthy story?  Are you a subject-matter expert in loyalty, CX, data, technology or any of the other customer-engagement disciplines?  Then we should probably be talking.

As of this announcement, TheCustomer reaches more than 100,000 people each month.  TheCustomer News will be featured on, and promoted through all of our channels as well as those of our sponsors and media partners.

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