The Changing Face of Retail (Kustomer)

What Modern Consumers Expect From Retail Customer Service

What does it mean to be a “retailer” in 2021? What may have been standard just ten years ago, no longer holds true. In the past year, big box retailers were forced to become direct-to-consumer brands overnight. Many businesses closed their store fronts and focused on online operations. Subscription services, personalized products and flexible marketplaces are now sought after by modern consumers. And, most importantly, customers no longer see relationships with retailers as transactional — they see brands as an extension of their identity.

Kustomer went out and surveyed over 500 American consumers to understand how their expectations of retail customer service have changed over the past 18 months, and the business impact of a poor customer experience. Download the report to learn about:

  • Retail Customer Service Expectations
  • How the Retail Landscape Has Shifted
  • The Changing Role of Retail Customer Service
  • Why Retailers Can’t Afford Bad Customer Service
  • The Omni-Experience Imperative
  • Predicting the Future Through Generational Differences


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