REPORT: U.S. Consumer Segments Comfort Levels with Business Reopenings

Consumer intelligence firm Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven customer data and intelligence, today unveiled four new U.S. consumer audiences, broken down according to their willingness to engage with reopened businesses following the COVID-19 pandemic. Resonate has identified and developed deep profiles around the following audience segments and scaled them to the U.S. population of more than 220 million adults for use in research and brand activation:

  • Reopen Rushers (21.1 million)
  • Reopen Ready (9.5 million)
  • Reopen Reluctant (30.3 million)
  • Reopen Resistant (168.5 million)

As we approach the normally busy July 4th weekend, Resonate’s new audiences reflect the overwhelming take-away of its latest survey wave of more than 5,000 American consumers regarding their attitudes surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic: The vast majority of Americans are not ready to return to “business as usual,” and nothing shy of the availability of a vaccine will prompt their return to travel, hotels, churches, concerts, sporting events, rideshares and other previous staples of daily life.

“There are many states, including some of the hardest-hit by COVID-19, that have reopened at differing levels,” said Bryan Gernert, Chief Executive Officer of Resonate. “At Resonate, we have the most up-to-date data possible through our rolling national survey, and we see that the majority of the country is not ready to return to their daily pre-COVID existences. We are capturing nuances within each of the segments we have identified, as they evolve. Successful marketers need this data to agilely drive go-forward strategies.”

Audience Snapshot:

Reopen Rushers (55% male – 45% female)

  • Favors products that are durable, familiar and popular
  • More likely to identify as very fiscally and socially conservative
  • Tends to vote Republican
  • Wants to maintain Second Amendment rights
  • Engages heavily in fantasy sports and golf
  • 49% more likely to engage in issues related to developing traditional energy sources

Reopen Ready (54% male – 46% female)

  • Favors products that are popular, enjoyable and innovative
  • 21% more likely to use entertainment and lifestyle apps (p7)
  • 19% more likely to engage with human rights issues (p16)
  • Tends to vote for independent or third-party candidates (p15)
  • More likely to engage with social media through Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram
  • 30% more likely to watch TV on a tablet and 38% more likely to watch on their phone

Reopen Reluctant: (52% male – 49% female)

  • Tends to buy products that are familiar, popular and enjoyable
  • More likely to identify as fiscally and socially moderate
  • 14% more likely to identify as Republican
  • More likely than the average consumer to engage around pro-life issues, developing traditional energy sources and defending traditional marriage
  • 26% more likely to be online only 5-10 hours each week

Reopen Resistant: (47% male – 53% female)

  • Buys products that are produced sustainably, are durable and rewarding
  • More likely to view vaccines as important than the average consumer
  • Identifies as socially and financially liberal
  • More likely to contribute to a cause
  • Tends to vote Democrat

Resonate’s unprecedented COVID-19 research is being made available, free of charge, to help organizations thrive during this challenging economic time. For Resonate Ignite Platform customers, the data and insights, as well as the new Reopening Readiness audiences, are immediately actionable for insights and activation across all channels. Customers are able to easily enrich their first-party data with this deep COVID-19 data set to conduct deeper analysis to uncover nuances relative to their brand, customers or products.

Learn more about Resonate’s COVID-19 research and download the latest findings here.

About Resonate
Resonate is a pioneer in A.I.-driven consumer data and intelligence, delivering deep understanding, dynamic insights, cross-channel engagement and analysis in a single, simple-to-use SaaS platform. Resonate has deep consumer insights and contextually relevant data across more than 13,000 attributes, including values, motivations and other psychographics, describing more than 220 million U.S. consumers. Hundreds of companies have used Resonate to reveal and engage “The Human Element,” a 360-degree understanding of the individuals in their target audience that extends beyond traditional demographics, psychographics and behavioral data to uncover why consumers choose, buy or support certain brands, products or causes. Empowered with unparalleled insights, leading brands, agencies and organizations use Resonate to identify, engage and analyze these audiences, driving growth and increasing customer lifetime value.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Resonate is privately held and backed by Argentum Capital Partners, Revolution Growth, Greycroft Partners and iNovia Capital. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Kyle Kuhnel
Broadsheet Communications (For Resonate)
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