REPORT: The State of Responsible AI 2021

How 100 C-level AI Leaders are Ensuring AI is Used Ethically, Responsibly, Securely and in Their Customers’ Best Interests

Market Research

This first-of-a-kind executive research is based on an independent survey of global Chief Analytics, Chief Data, and Chief AI Officers. The results reveal the current industry state-of-the-art for ethical, responsible, and trustworthy AI, and shares data on everything from ethical AI perceptions in the board room and c-suite, down to what processes and practices are in place across global organizations today. Insights and narrative are provided from leaders at the World Economic Forum, The Alan Turing Institute, AI Truth, MIT and FinRegLab. Topics covered include explainability, AI governance, model monitoring, diversity in hiring, model development, and operationalizing analytics in production systems.


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