REPORT: North America Consumer Survey 2021 – Identity Proofing and Digital Banking

What is the impact of identity checking on customer experience and what will customers do about it?


To onboard new customers, you need to prove that applicants are who they say they are in order to prevent fraud and meet regulatory requirements. At the same time, you can’t make checks so difficult or time-consuming that customers abandon the process or become dissatisfied. the results of our survey will provide you with your customers’ views – vital input to help fraud, financial crime and digital banking teams learn:

  • How customers view the threat of identity theft.
  • If concentrating digital banking education on older generations is the right move.
  • How Covid 19 changes preferences for opening new accounts.
  • What people will do if their expectations for opening an account digitally aren’t met.
  • How customers view biometrics and the use of them to secure their accounts.


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