Clinch Releases Consumer Insights on the Value of Personalization

Survey of More than 500 Consumers Provides Roadmap for Advertisers Looking to Build Stronger and More Relevant Consumer Connections

NEW YORKOct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The top marketing buzzwords are “personalization,” “artificial intelligence” and “dynamic video.” While nearly every marketer talks a big personalization game, when pressed, the extent to which marketers are actually personalizing their creative ad experiences is usually pretty weak. Many marketers only tailor the address of the closest store location or change the color of an ad.

According to Clinch, an AI-platform that leverages data to create personalized customer ad experiences, personalization is the key factor in influencing the path to purchase for consumers. The platforms that make it easy for advertisers to leverage data and customize their campaigns are regarded by consumers as providing better brand experiences. These platforms facilitate the discovery of products and ultimately the purchase of new goods online. According to Clinch’s latest consumer survey, Facebook was overwhelmingly cited by consumers as the strongest platform.

Question:  Facebook Instagram YouTube General Display
ads across the
What platform do
you use to discover
new products or
58.9% 44.7% 40.4% 42.6%
I have purchased a
product directly
from an ad I saw on:
31.8% 24.4% 18% 24.9%
What platform do
you believe provides
ads that are most
45.1% 39.6% 32.7% 34.2%

“Purchases are happening on all the channels some more, some less – but relevancy ultimately determines effectiveness, ” said Oz Etzioni, CEO of Clinch. “This is why consumers cite again and again that Facebook is the strongest platform for product discovery and purchasing. The platform makes it easy for brands to leverage data to find the right audiences, deliver tailored messages and access insights quickly to optimize campaigns.”

Videos Are Increasingly Becoming A Powerful Ecommerce Tool, When Data Is Married To Content

The majority of consumers (57.5%) are more likely to buy a product after watching a video ad if there is an offer or discount. This far surpassed other attention-grabbing factors, such as close ups of the product or celebrity endorsements. Consumers are also more likely to watch a video from start to finish if the video has an immediate call to action or offer.

Creating a relevant experience with a call to action that is in tune with the consumer’s own needs is critical. According to Etzioni, “Consumers remember, like, and engage with the content that is relevant to them. There is a tremendous opportunity for retailers to combine these findings with the power of video to increase conversions online. Expect to see more companies leveraging personalized videos across platforms, as well as playing with new shoppable formats into 2020.”

The study also found that even the most innovative uses of data and creative can turn off consumers if other factors are not considered. These include:

  • Excessive retargeting – 41.6%
  • When the product is not immediately easy to find after clicking on the ad – 46.7%
  • When the product shown on the ad is no longer available – 28%

“When the experience is irrelevant, repetitive, and doesn’t ‘learn’ from past user interaction/engagement, consumers take notice,” said Etzioni. “There have never been more ways to leverage data to develop real consumer connections. The brands that truly integrate data into their creative experience will be the winners in 2020.”

Clinch surveyed 550 consumers in the U.S. ranging from 18 to 60 years old. The survey was conducted during July 2019 via SurveyMonkey.

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