New food service CX platform will include Starbucks tech

Fans of the Starbucks digital customer experience will soon have the chance to see more of it.

Starbucks Coffee Company is entering a deal with Brightloom, formerly Eatsa, a San Francisco- and Seattle-based tech company that is working to create an end-to-end digital customer experience platform for the restaurant industry. Starbucks is granting Brightloom a software license to select components of Starbucks proprietary digital flywheel software.

In connection with the licensing agreement, Starbucks will take an equity stake in Brightloom and receive a seat on the company’s board of directors. Brightloom will combine its existing technology assets with customer experience software licensed from Starbucks.

The companies intend for the combination to lead to the development of a cloud-based software solution for the food service industry that will digitally connect customers to select restaurant brands. Brightloom plans on making available the software solutions to Starbucks global license partners and will open this platform up to the entire restaurant industry. Starbucks will continue to drive software development of its digital flywheel for all its company-operated markets.

Specifically, Brightloom intends for its new platform to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for restaurant brands that often rely on multiple partners for mobile, payment, order management, loyalty, personalization, and CRM. Brightloom will provide customizable solutions through a software and hardware platform designed to simplify the entire customer journey, from order and payment, through the kitchen to pick-up, and after the in-store experience with digital rewards and offers.

“We’re delighted to partner with Brightloom and drive a broad innovation agenda that extends relevant customer experiences from brick-and-mortar to a digital-mobile customer connection,” said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks. “At Starbucks, we have experienced first-hand the power that comes through digital customer connections that are relevant to the customer. The results we’ve seen in customer loyalty and frequency within our digital ecosystem speak for themselves, and we’re excited to apply these innovations toward an industry solution that elevates the customer experience across the restaurant industry.”

“We believe any restaurant brand should be able to engage customers digitally using a seamless combination of mobile, omnichannel ordering and loyalty offerings,” said Adam Brotman, CEO of Brightloom and former chief digital officer of Starbucks. “Up until now, only a select few brands could afford, or knew how, to put together a truly seamless mobile ordering, loyalty and topnotch digital platform. Because our digital flywheel offering will be in the form of simple and affordable software as a service, it will truly level the playing field for all.”

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