PreciseTarget Announces Launch of Retail Audience Taste Graph

Product Matching by Consumer Taste Outperforms Other Models While Ensuring Privacy and Higher Conversions

Source: PreciseTarget

BETHESDA, Md., July 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PreciseTarget, the first data company to help retailers generate higher engagement and revenue by understanding the taste of their customers, announced today the launch of its first two retail consumer taste products on LiveRamp: Product Taste Audiences and Brand Taste Audiences. The products will allow retailers to customize offers and experiences for consumers based on their individual taste, which outperforms other common data targeting methods. PreciseTarget’s innovative approach was recently profiled by James Hercher in AdExchanger.

PreciseTarget’s new taste products will help individual retailers solve their sparse data problem by combining aggregated daily retail data from over 200 retailers across the attributes that actually determine consumer taste and purchase habits – attributes like material, price, brand, fit, and color. Unlike other retail targeting products, PreciseTarget’s taste audiences do not rely on cookies and fully protect consumer and retailer data privacy by relying on a trusted third party to anonymize it.

“I started PreciseTarget because I realized that what Netflix was doing for movies and video could also be done for retail shopping. I realized that apparel retailers I interact with – whether by banner ads, email offers or other channels – should be reflecting my own taste or preferences when they show me their product assortments, and that’s not the case today,” said Rob McGovern, CEO of PreciseTarget. “I realized that what retailers need is the ability to ‘peek into the closet’ of a customer to get a sense of what combination of attributes actually determine their individual taste – that’s how people actually choose what to buy. It’s why I’m confident that our taste data is going to finally deliver on the potential of programmatic.”

Built on an initial data set of over 5 billion SKU-level transactions, PreciseTarget’s taste audiences uniquely resolve apparel attributes across catalogues, allowing retailers to quickly adjust their campaigns and maintain effectiveness in the face of rapidly-changing product lines. Conceived as a consortium that would safely allow retailers to share data and enjoy the aggregate benefit, PreciseTarget enables deep audience insight based on their unique taste across digital channels. With Product Taste Audiences and Brand Taste Audiences currently available on LiveRamp, PreciseTarget plans to announce additional consumer taste products in the coming months.

Because retailers have historically kept their first-party customer data a closely guarded secret, PreciseTarget turned to a trusted third-party data processor to anonymize that data and allow retailers to share it without worrying that competitors will use it to target and poach customers. The end result allows for targeting based on clusters of consumers rather than tracking cookies, which makes PreciseTarget compliant with current and future expected privacy regulations.

About PreciseTarget
PreciseTarget is the leading provider of consumer taste data, enabling personalized experiences that result in more satisfying purchases and more profitable relationships. Based on unmatched data sets of more than 5 billion retailer-provided, SKU-level transactions, along with daily data from more than 200 major retailers, PreciseTarget helps hundreds of retailers improve conversion by more than 50% across channels while fundamentally protecting consumer privacy.

Founded in 2018 by Rob McGovern, the celebrated entrepreneur who founded CareerBuilder, PreciseTarget is committed to helping retailers use consumer taste to acquire new customers, enrich existing customer relationships, and reactivate former customers. Learn more at

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