Loyyal and Finfare join forces to redefine Loyalty Rewards with innovative Payment-Linked Solutions

Loyyal and Finfare have forged a strategic alliance aimed at seamlessly integrating best in class Payment Linked Offers (Account Linked and Card Linked Offer) through an enhanced process and automated platform designed specifically for loyalty program owners. Empowering program managers to more efficiently onboard and promote a greater number of more generous personalized merchant offers and mechanics in a far more cost effective and commercially focused manner.

This collaboration, leveraging Finfare’s one stop shop solution for payment-linked, affiliate offers and gift cards alongside Loyyal’s technology platform, has been positively received by the loyalty community globally, leading to their recent appointment by a prominent airline carrier to help enrich their loyalty reward offering across the UK and US markets by expanding the array of merchant offers available for members to earn additional miles.

From a technical perspective, the solution is built around Access Point. A user friendly, easy to integrate “plug & play” automated on-boarding system that significantly reduces the time and effort required by merchants and program owners to collaborate. Allowing them to contract, formulate offers, streamline processes, and create more rewarding commercial relationships and opportunities for all stakeholders. Program owners, merchants, and of course most importantly members.

Built on blockchain technology, Access Point also provides a greater level of data management and security with more efficient and more detailed reporting tools allowing program owners and merchants to work far more effectively than ever before in terms of refining offers to create greater commercial impact.

About Loyyal:

Loyyal are loyalty and blockchain specialists whose mission centers on helping clients operate highly profitable loyalty programs using smart business processes to increase scale and deliver better member experiences at lower costs.

Loyyal’s platform, Access Point has been designed specifically to transform loyalty programs by championing smart business processes to increase growth opportunities. Delivering more engaging member experiences and customer journeys. Today: via time and cost savings in partner onboarding, network expansion and multi-partner tactical campaigns; Tomorrow: fully controlled value interoperability.

Gunjan Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer at Loyyal, highlighted the expansive opportunities arising from the collaboration with Finfare. This partnership offers Loyyal’s clients a multitude of possibilities to connect with their loyalty members in the US and UK. Leveraging Finfare’s dynamic personalized offers platform, which seamlessly integrates open banking, Account Linked, Card Linked, Affiliate offers, and Gift cards, provides a comprehensive solution. The ongoing implementation of this solution with a prominent STAR alliance carrier is a testament to its effectiveness, and we anticipate further adoptions by additional partners in the near future.

More: www.loyyal.com

About Finfare Connect:

Finfare Connect drives incrementality to data-driven loyalty platforms. With over 15,000,000 consumers using their services, they are a leading personalized offers platforms in the UK, US and Australia, providing a one-stop solution for open banking, card-linked, affiliate offers and gift cards. They are part of Finfare Inc., which provides modern expense management solutions to SMBs in North America.

Finfare is fully transforming the payment-linked offers space by creating full self-service white label portals for advertisers and publishers. This enables advertisers to reach 100’s of publishers via one portal, saving time and money on developing a solution in-house.

“This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to generate incremental sales for our network of partner brands, enrich the offering of loyalty programs, and ultimately provide more value and personalized experiences to customers”, remarked Brad Blake, Managing Director at Finfare Connect.

More: https://connect.finfare.com/

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