Marriott Data Breached Again: 5 Million More Accounts Compromised

After disclosing one of the biggest data breaches in history at the end of 2018, Marriott is sharing another data breach.

Last time Marriott negligence exposed customer passport and credit card details. My passport and credit card details were included. The U.K. proposed a $123 million GDPR fine.

Just to show that bad publicity, degraded customer trust, and massive fines alone can’t put Marriott on the straight and narrow, it turns out that this year details of 5.2 million guests were obtained using employee login credentials from a franchise property.

Compromised information may involve contact details, including postal and email addresses and phone numbers; information relating to customer loyalty accounts, but not passwords; personal details such as employers, gender and birth dates; partnerships and affiliations, such as details of linked airline loyalty programmes; and guest preferences, such as room preferences and languages.

This article originally appeared in ViewFromTheWing.

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