Alida Optimizes TXM Platform to Enhance Connections with Customers

Alida, a leader in experience management, today delivered its Winter 2023 product release, bringing to market new technology innovations on its industry-leading Total Experience Management (TXM) platform. The enhancements strengthen personal connections between businesses and their customers through advanced personalization, reporting, and privacy capabilities.

“Today, as businesses navigate through economic headwinds, it’s imperative that they comprehend their customers’ emotions behind purchase decisions, deciding whether to be part of a community, or in staying loyal to the brand,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products & Engineering, Alida. “With Alida’s enhanced TXM platform, organizations can better understand how customers think and feel, build personal connections with them, and meet their evolving needs.”

The Winter 2023 product release provides Alida’s customers with the ability to:

  1. Make customers feel heard through new personalization capabilities
  • Target progressive survey engagements in digital assets based on customer profiles and behaviors to gather specific feedback across multiple sessions. 
  • Customize Surveys and Community imagery and language to match customer geography, industry, and other variables. 
  1. Increase leadership’s emotional understanding of customers with new reporting capabilities
  • Measure customer sentiment consistently across all survey formats, including video feedback.
  • Transform complex data into easy-to-understand stories with new options for visualizations and sharing with stakeholders.
  • Better understand the feedback of customers in their own words with Conversational Surveys delivered via SMS.
  1. Build trust with customers and employees, ensuring a safe space for sharing using new privacy controls
  • Set granular access permissions so users see only what they need.
  • Provide limited access to guest moderators and interviewers with Video Discussions.
  • Flag sensitive data in Touchpoint such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) so it can be managed with additional layers of privacy and security controls.

For more information on Alida’s products and how they can help your organization uncover and action its customers’ truth, visit

About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are respected as the ultimate source of truth. Because knowing the whole truth about your customers—even the parts that are hard to hear—can help companies make better decisions that drive long-term customer loyalty and growth. 

That’s why Alida created its Total Experience Management Platform; a comprehensive CX solution powered by a highly-engaged, verified, always-on community of your most engaged customers that fuels sustainable business impact. 

With Alida, innovative companies like HBOMax, Adobe, Lululemon, and LinkedIn can anticipate their customers’ ever-evolving needs to make better decisions, build long-term relationships, and grow businesses that stand the test of time. 

Over 176 million people globally have used Alida’s Total Experience platform to inform over 60,000 customer experiences initiatives.

Join us on our mission to put truth into action at and @alidaTXM

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