Resonate Launches Resonate Ignite

Resonate, a provider of consumer intelligence for marketers, today announced new AI-driven segmentation capabilities within its Resonate Ignite Platform. In today’s hyper-competitive consumer environment, marketers have to understand what influences consumer purchasing decisions in order to personalize their products and messaging, at scale, according to the needs and desires of the consumers most likely to buy.

With the new AI-driven segmentation capabilities in Resonate’s consumer intelligence platform, Resonate is furthering its reinvention of the market research space. While most traditional market research firms are mired in outdated, drawn-out survey and insight development methodologies, Resonate leverages the latest developments in data science to give brands the ability to zero-in on specific consumer subsets in real-time. Going beyond the household level to target individuals with precision, the Resonate platform uses 13,000 attributes to develop and activate dynamic, person-level insights and scale those insights to 200 million U.S. consumers. Below are a few ways Resonate can apply its innovative AI-based segmentation capabilities to highly accurate targeting at scale:

  • Persona replication: Replicating an existing persona or segment using Resonate attributes, bringing the persona to life with proprietary data that’s updated nightly and resulting in an actionable persona.
  • Persona enhancement: Enhancing an existing persona or segment using a contextually relevant section of more than 13,000 new or existing Resonate attributes.
  • Insights-led segmentation: Creating new segments by drawing on hyper-relevant attributes.
  • Data science segmentation: Creating new segments through Resonate data science that drive overall execution strategy and enable activation.
  • Microsegmentation: Creating highly targeted microsegments to further refine audiences for personalization.

“Traditionally, brands have used antiquated segmentation strategies that simply dumped consumers into buckets characterized by attributes such as geography, age or basic behavioral traits,” said Bryan Gernert, Chief Executive Officer of Resonate. “This approach fails to deliver against consumers’ expectations of a personalized world. Through our AI-based segmentation capabilities, marketers uncover a more granular look into consumers, down to person-level details such as the TV shows they watch, their hobbies and ultimately why they make certain purchasing decisions. Through the Resonate platform, brands can then scale those insights across the U.S adult population.”

In addition to accessing data from Resonate’s 200 million consumer profiles, marketers can use Resonate data to enrich their first-party data, in their own ecosystem or in the Resonate platform. This allows brands to dig deeper, layering on insights around psychological drivers, brand affinity, category affinity, purchase drivers, and online and offline media preferences. Marketers can also tap into attributes like who values loyalty programs, the amount of time they spend online, consumers’ favorite websites and many other dynamic attributes that provide dimension and context to improve development of resonant products, content, messaging and more.

This announcement originally appeared in MarTech Advisor.

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