Company’s Next-gen Loyalty and Data Management Solution Dominates the Global Marketplace as Demands for Collecting First-party Data at Scale and Owning the Customer Relationship Continue to Rise

Annex Cloud, a global, enterprise technical solutions provider of advanced personalized and experiential customer retention software and loyalty management solutions, announced today the launch of the Loyalty Experience Platform. Unlike other siloed loyalty solutions, the Loyalty Experience Platform is fully integrated and sits at the heart of an organization’s digital transformation, collecting and pushing robust first-party customer data across the tech stack to enable the delivery of individualized experiences that drive loyalty and growth.

Annex Cloud’s list of 100-plus pre-built integrations with industry-leading CX, CRM/ERP, ESP, CDP, POS and other key providers – including Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, NetSuite, Optimizely, and Qualtrics – continues to grow, enabling clients to go to market faster and deliver a truly seamless experience.

“Annex Cloud is growing rapidly on a global scale as organizations are pursuing unique and sophisticated ways to connect with and build lasting bonds with their best customers,” said Al Lalani, Co-founder & Chief Strategist, Annex Cloud. “Loyalty Experience Platform is the force behind more than 16 billion application clicks worldwide, and we’re constantly evolving our technology to embrace the evolving needs of enterprises, the customers they serve, and the demanding and competitive marketplace that dictates how they interact with each other.”

A “Solid” and “Extensible Platform”

Described by Forrester Research as a “solid” and “extensible platform”, the Loyalty Experience Platform combines best-in-class loyalty program management capabilities with powerful engagement modules to help customers seamlessly connect, engage, and grow their customer relationships at scale. Customers can dynamically capture and use zero- and first-party data to deliver timely, relevant, and individualized experiences that incent profitable behaviors across the entire customer journey—from awareness, consideration and purchase to retention, loyalty and advocacy.

Loyalty Experience Platform is the only full-suite loyalty solution that allows organizations to buy just what they need, meaning they can start with a simple value exchange and collect first-party data, then add on more sophisticated omnichannel reward and program types as they grow.

  • Modularity: The widest range of engagement modules to build attitudinal, emotional, and empathic connections. Extensible platform allows flexibility and a nimble delivery environment to meet ever changing needs.

  • Comprehensive Engagement Suite: Brands can capture, recognize and reward all customer actions with referrals, gamification, UGC/survey, influencer management, contest and/or Social Bridge.

  • 100+ pre-built integrations: Pre-built integrations with more than 100 market-leading technologies strategically architected to accelerate the delivery of loyalty management programs and meaningful customer experiences. Learn more.

Annex Cloud recently announced it earned the highest possible scores in 15 criteria in The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Solutions, Q2 2021, including loyalty management, user experience, execution and innovation roadmap, company performance, and integration and partnerships.

The Loyalty Experience Platform is available now. Request more information or a demo.

About Annex Cloud

For more than 10 years, Annex Cloud has been the worldwide leader in technology and service solutions that transform customer loyalty experiences for organizations, extending valued customer engagements, ultimately making beloved brands. Powered by the comprehensive and scalable Loyalty Experience Platform™ solution suite, Annex Cloud customers capture and use zero- and first-party data to seamlessly deliver hyper-personalized experiences across the entire customer journey—from awareness to purchase to retention, loyalty, and advocacy. Supporting its global enterprise clients, Annex Cloud has offices in the US, Germany and India. The company is recognized by industry respected organizations and integrates with more than 100 market-leading technologies. Discover more at

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