Namogoo Launches the “Customer Journey OS”

Namogoo, the market’s only Digital Journey Continuity platform, today launched the first-ever “Customer Journey OS” (Customer Journey Operating System). Built for the next generation of eCommerce, Customer Journey OS is a revolutionary software platform that enables eCommerce teams to fully maximize their business potential by delivering hyper-meaningful journeys based on shoppers’ real-time needs and orchestrates all digital services running on the customer journey to work together in order to reach their goals. Customer Journey OS is automatically pre-populated with all the data points eCommerce teams need, simplifying the process of gathering, cleansing, integrating and standardizing disparate data streams and enabling them to execute the perfect online journey.

For eCommerce companies, the benefits of using Customer Journey OS to act as their digital journey central infrastructure are significant. While most retailers conduct shopper journey optimization via a wide array of tools and integrations, the disjointed nature of these tools slows the analysis significantly and usually allows for customer journey refinements to be implemented after the fact.

Customer Journey OS brings an entirely new approach to helping eCommerce companies craft the customer journey. The platform begins by automatically populating non-PII and intent data about the visitor, which is becoming increasingly important in delivering personalized journeys given the challenges surrounding global privacy regulations. It then syncs and standardizes all of the site’s data, integrations and tools, so they can be easily accessed and explored immediately. Next, Namogoo’s AI works in real-time to identify inefficiencies or areas for improvement to take immediate action on these insights. For example, it could discover that there is a strong correlation between shoppers with low CPU power and high checkout abandonment, indicating to the marketer that they should disable rich media for those shoppers, instantly improving their experience and decreasing checkout abandonment. Brands can then create and activate aligned segments across their existing tools, to take action where and when it matters.

Leveraging Namogoo’s experience working with over 1,000 of the world’s leading eCommerce brands, Customer Journey OS also utilizes its vast network of over one billion unique visitors to provide insights based on industry benchmarks in real-time.

“Customer Journey OS standardizes and aligns a wide array of tools, helping eCommerce companies speak in one voice to their customers and avoid misaligned segments, messages and actions,” said Chemi Katz, co-founder and CEO of Namogoo. “Layering in our 360 journey data together with a retailer’s proprietary data and Namogoo’s intelligence on customer journeys, Customer Journey OS helps brands tailor their digital customer journeys site for each individual customer in real-time, increasing the ultimate likelihood of a purchase. With its ability to do this all automatically — without the need for development — Customer Journey OS is a powerful turnkey product that will be a game changer for the industry.”

For SMB and mid-market eCommerce companies, Customer Journey OS is a critical tool to scale their businesses, enabling brands to immediately take action on their shoppers’ needs at the most critical times via the tools already at their disposal. Unlike other tools, Customer Journey OS takes the manual labor out of setting up and maintaining robust infrastructures.

“With Namogoo observing hundreds of millions of transactions across billions of shopper visits on a monthly basis, our AI has an unparalleled ability to understand the shopping journey and develop real-time capabilities to boost revenue,” sas Ohad Greeneshpen, CO-founder and CTO . “With so much competition in the market and information overload for eCommerce teams, we’re proud to introduce Customer Journey OS and empower brands to maximize the potential of each online journey, especially in these challenging times with privacy regulations becoming more strict.”

To learn more about Namogoo’s Customer Journey OS, visit:


About Namogoo

Namogoo is the world’s first Digital Journey Continuity platform, helping over 1,000 unstoppable brands shape their customer journeys to fit each and every shopper’s needs. Namogoo’s platform autonomously adapts to each customer visit in real time, lifting conversion rates and revenue, while maintaining eCommerce retailers’ margins and bolstering brand equity. Namogoo is available on all major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magneto – serving over a thousand global brands of all sizes.

The company’s product suite includes “Customer Hijacking Prevention,” which identifies and manages journey interruptions injected into consumer web sessions in real time; “Intent-Based Promotions,” which predicts and individualizes the most effective minimum promotion for each visit; “Customer Journey Operating System,” which provides the underlying infrastructure to power all digital customer journeys in real time.  and “Personalized Email and SMS,” which engages customers with personalized campaigns across social, email and SMS to win more sales. Founded in Herzliya, Israel in 2014, Namogoo also has offices in Boston, New York and London. To learn more, visit

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