Openprise Announces Openprise Agile CDP

Openprise, the leader in data orchestration platforms for marketing and sales, today announced the availability of Openprise Agile CDP, the first and only B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) built on a data orchestration platform—a single, no-code platform that combines the best practices, business rules, and data needed to automate hundreds of business processes.

Openprise currently ranks #1 for customer satisfaction in the Spring 2020 and Winter 2020 G2 Grid® Reports for Enterprise Customer Data Platform, and the company’s star rating of 4.9 out of 5 is the highest in that category.

The Openprise Agile CDP solution makes it easy to clean, enrich, and unify data across multiple sources into a single customer view in as little as 90 days—a fraction of the time-to-value seen when using traditional CDP solutions.

Because it’s built on the Openprise Data Orchestration Platform, Openprise Agile CDP includes all the capabilities Openprise has developed over the years to improve data quality in tools like Salesforce and Marketo—including lead routing, account scoring, and attribution—advanced features not typically found in traditional CDPs.

Only Openprise delivers a no-code platform that enables customers to future-proof their CDP investment by making it easy to create custom, data-driven apps that address business initiatives like upselling and cross-selling, prospecting, attribution, and vertical applications. As a result, Openprise Agile CDP helps marketing and sales teams stay nimble in the face of changing market forces while continuing to focus on the right targets, scale their operations, and grow revenue faster.

“One of the biggest challenges marketers face is making sure their systems of record deliver accurate, high-quality data to drive marketing initiatives,” said Julian Archer, VP, Principal Analyst in the Marketing Operations Research Service at SiriusDecisions. “A CDP solution that automates all the critical business processes required to make the data work gives marketers high confidence in the accuracy and quality of the data they manage.”

Customers using Openprise Agile CDP on the Openprise Data Orchestration Platform can quickly realize the value they’re expecting from their investment in a Customer Data Platform and:

  • Gain a crystal-clear, 360-degree view of customer and prospect data by automating critical business processes like data unification, data enrichment, normalization, deduplication, lead-to-account matching, and lead-to-contact conversion.
  • Simplify their tech stack by replacing dozens of point solutions like advanced segmentation, lead and account scoring, ABM activity analysis, campaign attribution, lead routing, and account assignment.
  • Scale processes by automating painful manual processes like data prep and list loading, GDPR compliance—or virtually any custom process without coding.

“Openprise fulfills the promise of Customer Data Platforms, making it possible for B2B customers to be live and delivering value in 90 days,” said Ed King, CEO and Founder, Openprise. “Openprise Agile CDP offers a proven platform that puts data quality front and center—automating hundreds of business processes and ensuring that marketers have the high-quality data they need to gain meaningful insights and instantly act on those insights at scale.”

For more information, see the G2 Grid Report for Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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  • For more information on Openprise Agile CDP, visit our website.
  • Connect with Openprise via LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and YouTube.
  • For news, updates, and executive perspectives, visit the Openprise blog.

About Openprise

Openprise Data Orchestration and CDP solutions automate hundreds of painful, manual processes to deliver a crystal-clear, 360-degree view of customers and prospects across your entire martech stack.

With Openprise, data-driven marketing and sales teams can simplify their martech stack with a single, no-code platform to automate hundreds of processes like list loading, cleansing and enrichment, segmentation, account scoring, and many more.

Openprise is designed from the ground up for CRM, so it has all the best practices, business logic, and data companies need to clean up their data, focus on the right targets, and scale up their operations to grow revenue faster. For more information, please visit

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