Madison Logic Launches New ABM Platform To Accelerate The Customer Journey

Global ABM Solution Helps Marketers Optimize Campaign Strategies and Accelerate the Customer Journey

New York: Madison Logic, an account-based marketing (ABM) platform, today launches the new ML Platform. Powered by the ML Data Cloud, it is the only current platform on the market with Journey Acceleration™ to streamline funnel management and empower marketers to approach ABM more effectively. Providing marketers with the right first- and third-party synthesized data, ML Platform identifies and prioritizes accounts, accelerating them down the funnel with a suite of account-based engagement and measurement tools.

“Historically, when B2B marketers attempt to execute an effective ABM strategy, they struggle to piece together traditional demand generation tactics with multiple disparate solutions,” says Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic. “This causes a gap that often slows down the sales process. Madison Logic’s new ML Platform helps bridge this gap and mobilize marketing and sales teams to operate in sync from start-to-finish to accelerate customer journeys through an increasingly complex funnel.”

ML Platform provides three essential benefits to B2B marketers:

Automated Account Identification and Prioritization

  • Identifies the best target accounts by integrating CRM and marketing automation platforms with the ML Data Cloud’s synthesized data.
  • Segments accounts based on firmographic and demographic data, enabling scalable marketing strategies and programs.
  • Prioritizes accounts based on intent, technographic, and engagement data to allocate marketing spend.

Account-Level Engagement and Measurement

  • Engages the targeted ABM buying committees across relevant channels with proprietary ABM Lead Generation and ABM Advertising.
  • Accurately measures account-based engagement throughout the entire revenue cycle with granular, account-level insights and metrics.
  • Arms sales organizations with key account data to help inform when sales should engage account-based prospects with the most effective messaging.

Advanced Optimization and Acceleration

  • Personalizes and scales marketing messaging across channels at every stage of the funnel based on intent signals, account insights, and buyer characteristics.
  • Optimizes content and messaging based on account engagement data to speed accounts through the funnel.
  • Accelerates account velocity by leveraging website activity and email nurture via synchronization with an organization’s CRM and marketing automation platform to convert the best accounts faster.

“The unique ability to better measure our account-level engagement and effectively communicate with sales has increased pipeline velocity,” says Rich Resnick, President and Co-Founder, Silverline. “The ROI of the ML Platform consistently outperforms and is a core component of our growth.”

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