Talkable Launches Loyalty Program

Talkable, the leading referral program provider powering over 250 eCommerce brands, like ColourPop Cosmetics, James Allen, Crate and Kids, Kipling, is launching a Loyalty Program to help brands analyze behavioral data and improve ROI.

With loyalty program members spending 12-18% more revenue than non-members, engaging loyalty programs have become essential for eCommerce companies. The Talkable Loyalty Program integrates into a brand’s existing website and fits seamlessly into the customer experience – boosting customers’ engagement, lifetime value, and ROI.

“COVID has changed customer behaviors across many different industries. We’ve seen that consumers have become less loyal, more skeptical,” says Summer Lindman, Talkable CEO. “Brands need to catch up with this post-COVID reality and leverage loyalty programs to be more flexible and proactive. We feel that now is the best time for Talkable to apply its 10-years of experience in eCommerce enablement and apply our technology in order to build customizable loyalty programs.”

Talkable’s loyalty program sits uniquely between the Loyalty Technology Providers and the Loyalty Service Providers of the world, offering a loyalty option that is:

  • Personalized: By adding Loyalty to Referral Program, brands are complimenting customers’ experience with a layer of personalization – all while maintaining full control over messaging and offers.
  • Goal Oriented: Build around the brand loyalty program’s goals, whether it will be customer growth, lifetime value, average order value, repeat purchase rate or overall revenue contribution.
  • Data Driven: The wide range of data insights and metrics for both groups of users provide comprehensive insight into how loyalty influences customer behavior.
  • Full Service: The Talkable team provides white glove service.

Talkable offers both referral and loyalty programs, a combination that creates an incredibly effective customer acquisition and retention cycle.

About Talkable

Talkable is a strategic growth partner for eCommerce brands. Talkable develops and implements long-term growth strategies targeting new customer acquisition, increased retention, higher LTV, and a significantly lower CPA than other marketing channels. Talkable is trusted by 250 brands such as L’occitane, Tarte, Rothy’s, ALO Yoga, TOMS – bringing over $255M in referral sales for its customers.

Erika Carmichael, Head of Marketing
+1 (413) 454-4249
[email protected]

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