Dynamic Yield and FullStory Partner to Enhance Personalization

Dynamic Yield, the Experience Optimization platform, announced a technology partnership with FullStory, a global leader in digital experience insights and analytics, enabling brands to more deeply understand, measure, and improve the impact of their personalization efforts. Through the partnership, brands can now easily surface combined insights into what happened – and why – for ongoing or in-the-moment optimizations that empathize with individual customer needs, preferences, and struggles.

Our integration with Dynamic Yield makes prioritizing campaigns along the personalization roadmap crystal clear.

With the seamless integration, once a Dynamic Yield campaign is live, marketers can get insights from FullStory sessions and analytics to uncover why one variation outperformed another, and rapidly ideate based on both a quantitative and qualitative understanding of customer behavior and expectations. Further, Dynamic Yield’s rich audience data can be analyzed within FullStory for marketers to review FullStory’s frustration metrics and see where visitors are experiencing friction, ensuring that the identification and optimization of additional personalization opportunities is simple and effective.

Joint clients are already using Dynamic Yield and FullStory to spend less time guessing about their customer’s motivations and more time improving the customer experience.

Use case examples include:

  • Deliver expansive analytics, session replay, and actionable insights through Fullstory to help you understand performance results from tests and experiments built in Dynamic Yield.
  • Understand visitor patterns of frustration in FullStory and convert them to delight by providing new offers or tailored experiences via Dynamic Yield when they visit a second time.
  • Identify frustration signals such as repeated, rapid Rage Clicks (™) via FullStory and automatically trigger an overlay to offer assistance through Dynamic Yield.

“Tailoring the digital customer experience is an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy, but it can be a challenge to know which areas to optimize to drive both delightful customer experiences and business results,” said Agata Bugaj, the VP of Product at FullStory. “Our integration with Dynamic Yield makes prioritizing campaigns along the personalization roadmap crystal clear.”

“Delivering experiences that drive conversions, loyalty, and incremental revenue involves knowing who your users are and what each of them needs,” said Yaniv Navot, the Chief Marketing Officer at Dynamic Yield. “With the depth of information we are now able to layer into the Dynamic Yield platform from FullStory, we know the end result is going to be the creation of more accurate campaigns that positively influence the customer journey.”

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