Zylotech Adds New Executives

Zylotech, the customer intelligence platform building stronger customer connections for B2B enterprises, today announced the appointments of Patrick Meehan as Senior Vice President of Sales and Joseph Monti, Senior Vice President of Finance and Commercial Operations. These new hires will help guide the organization through its next phase of growth as it continues on its journey of helping enterprise organizations make the best use of its data to fuel increased customer experiences.

“We are at an inflection point across the Customer Data Platform marketplace,” said Ernie Cormier, CEO of Zylotech. “Contact and account activation continues to be one of the biggest pain points for customer-obsessed organizations. B2B organizations are looking for new ways to leverage the contact data that they have on hand so their sales, marketing and customer service teams can better serve their audiences. Both Patrick and Joseph bring an exceptional track record of working with emerging growth organizations and addressing some of enterprise businesses biggest needs. I look forward to them joining the growing leadership team at Zylotech as we enter into our next phase of growth and help our customers build the overall contact and account foundations they are looking for.”

Patrick Meehan brings over 20-years of sales experience across the adtech, martech and SaaS marketplaces to Zylotech. In his role, he’ll partner closely with organizations that are looking to truly understand the needs of their customers while also providing a personalized approach to engagement. Meehan was previously VP of Global Sales Solutions at Innovid, Chief Revenue Officer at RevJet and Head of Platform Sales at Google following its acquisition of DoubleClick.

Joseph Monti was most recently at CrowdTwist as SVP of Finance and a transition advisor following Oracle’s acquisition of the company. He was also CFO at Zoku, LLC and Ripplestreet (formerly Houseparty). Earlier in his career, Joseph held finance roles within Unilever and Penguin Random House LLC. As SVP of Finance and Commercial Operations Joseph will be responsible for partnering closely with the executive, sales and marketing teams as the organization builds the proper processes and strategies that will allow Zylotech to scale rapidly in the growing CDP marketplace.

Zylotech’s CDP solutions create a foundation of trusted data that is accurate, accessible and usable for advanced marketing, sales, revenue operations, and data teams. Through the use of Zylotech’s CDP platform, sales, marketing, customer experience and data teams are able to leverage AI-driven customer intelligence and predictive analytics to focus on the specific needs of their contacts which leads to a more valuable experience with the brand.


“Contacts today can see through generalized outreach and marketing. B2B brands are looking for a new, personalized approach to engagement that reduces the amount of time spent by their operations teams sifting through data and instead allows them to provide value at every connection. Zylotech has built a platform that addresses the biggest need across sales, marketing and customer service teams and I’m excited to join the company at this point of their journey as it takes its proven CDP technology to customer-obsessed organizations that are looking to provide an increased customer experience.”  – Patrick Meehan, SVP of Sales

“I look forward to building on the foundation of process, protocols and efficiencies with the customer-oriented team at Zylotech. I am also excited about being able to partner closer with the sales and marketing teams as I see the role of finance as one of service to those groups. In order for our teams to reach both our short and long-term goals, we need to come together as one that provides the most viable, economical and valued solution to our customers.” – Joseph Monti, SVP of Finance and Commercial Operations

Launched in 2017 by MIT analytics and machine learning visionaries, Zylotech’s technology has been adopted by discriminating enterprises such as Cisco, Dell, Palo Alto Networks, and Google, and was identified as an up-and-coming “Challenger” by Forrester in its well-regarded Wave report for B2B Customer Data Platforms (CDP).

About Zylotech

Zylotech, the modern customer data platform, provides contact intelligence to mid-market and enterprise organizations that are looking for deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers. Through our CDP platform, we provide companies real-time, accurate and automated insights on the most important piece of their business: audience data.

The amount of information available to sales, marketing and customer success teams continues to rise while the ability to acquire, engage and retain customers gets more difficult. Zylotech makes sense of customer data and provides a future-proof solution for teams to act and succeed in real-time.

Zylotech works with global leaders such as Cisco, Google and Palo Alto Networks to build and maintain contact and account foundations for scale and to deliver insights for real-time action. Founded in 2014, Zylotech is headquartered in Boston, with offices in India. For more information please visit www.zylotech.com.

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