Sherpa and ActiveDEMAND Partner to Deliver More Personal Sales Methods to the Senior Living Market

New Industry-Leading, Bi-Directional Integration Aligns Sales and Marketing Efforts to Deliver Prospect-Centered Processes

ST. LOUISOct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sherpa—a leading senior living technology company that provides a revolutionary senior living sales enablement platform designed to humanize the senior living sales process—today announced that it has partnered with ActiveDEMAND to provide sales and marketing teams with superior tools that deliver prospect-centered sales methodologies to more effectively help older adults make one of the most momentous changes in their lives. This industry-leading, bi-directional integration between Sherpa’s CRM and ActiveDEMAND’s automated technology aligns sales and marketing efforts in real time to connect, untangle, and advance senior living community prospects and their families.

The decision to transition to a senior living community is one of life’s major decisions, and it often involves many emotions. To more effectively help older adults make this decision, Sherpa guides sales counselors to spend more quality time focused on creating connection and trust with prospects and their families. The marketing automation capabilities provided by ActiveDEMAND allow Sherpa customers to make marketing activities more efficient and impactful, so they can spend more time where it really matters—connecting with and truly understanding the prospect and their needs.

“At Sherpa, we know the key to improved sales results is spending more time in the selling zone,” says the company’s Chief Customer Officer Matt Jesperson. “Furthermore, maximizing the time we spend with each prospect individually directly contributes to the likelihood that they will advance toward a decision to buy. Because of this relationship, time invested with a prospect becomes the most valuable and effective tool a salesperson has to offer. Therefore, providing a deep, bi-directional integration with marketing automation allows our customers to focus their salespeople on investing time with their best prospects, while marketing efforts continue to engage their lead base in a personalized and supportive manner.”

The Sherpa-ActiveDEMAND integration creates marketing and sales alignment, enabling users to qualify prospects and foster a personalized message that drives interest and engagement. The marketing automation capabilities provided by ActiveDEMAND allow Sherpa users to consolidate social media messaging, streamline email marketing, utilize call tracking, build landing pages, deploy online appointment scheduling, and create lead nurturing campaigns that engage prospects in the CRM.

“Pairing Sherpa’s expertise in sales with our expertise in marketing automation was a very natural fit,” says ActiveDEMAND’s CEO Sean Leonard. “Many of Sherpa’s customers were already using ActiveDEMAND and both companies share a client-focused attitude, so our teams felt equally driven to create a seamless integration that best serves our customers. The result is an application that allows prospects to flow through the sales funnel more easily without losing the personal touch, which is an essential component in selling to the senior living market.”

The Sherpa-ActiveDEMAND integration allows sales-qualified leads to post from marketing campaigns into Sherpa CRM—including information on campaign inquiry source, demographic data, and marketing metadata—in order to easily report on campaign effectiveness. Sherpa then allows salespeople to view marketing activities for each prospect in the CRM, which is pulled directly from ActiveDEMAND in real time.

Sherpa now offers the ActiveDEMAND Senior Living Marketer License in two packages: a Single Community License and a Multi-Community License. For additional information, please contact [email protected].

About Sherpa CRM

Sherpa CRM is a senior living sales enablement company with the only senior living sales management software designed and implemented by senior living sales experts. With more than three decades of experience, Sherpa guides sales teams to more effectively help older adults make one of the most momentous changes in their lives. At the heart of its sales enablement solution is Sherpa’s Prospect-Centered Selling® methodology, aligning strategic and operational objectives to humanize the sales culture and drive results. Sherpa marries leading CRM technology, training, analytics, and customer engagement to revolutionize the way senior housing is sold. Founders David Smith and Alex Fisher are veteran influencers in the senior living sales industry and run Sherpa out of its home office in St. Louis, Missouri. For additional information, visit

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is the company behind the highly successful ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform, considered its flagship offering. ActiveDEMAND started as a digital marketing agency with a vision: build a modern tool set for the multi-client marketer. ActiveDEMAND was launched in 2012, though the conceptualization of ActiveDEMAND has been materializing since 2005. Since 2002, the founders have constructed a plethora of tools and systems to not only effectively market products and services, but to also bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Although the company is based in Canada with a primary office in Calgary, Alberta, and a secondary office in Edmonton, its clients hail from all over the world. For more information, visit


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