Quantum Metric Launches Journeys

Quantum Metric, the pioneer in Continuous Product Design (CPD), a methodology that helps organizations build better digital products faster, announced the launch of Quantum Metric Journeys, a new feature providing visualization across every touchpoint in the customer journey. Moving beyond traditional journey analytics, Quantum Metric brings a unique offering to the market, providing actionable context for each customer insight.

“It’s no longer enough to know which paths your customers are taking through your website or mobile app — you need to know why and what to do next,” said Mario Ciabarra, CEO of Quantum Metric. “With Quantum Metric Journeys, we’re making sure users never have a ‘now what’ moment again. Built on top of the richest experience analytics data set available, our take on Journeys empowers brands to continuously improve their digital experience.”

Moving beyond traditional journey analytics, Quantum Metric provides actionable context for each customer insight.

Many journey analytics tools available today provide insights that are shallow and static, making it a challenge to make impactful decisions based on the data. Built on the principle of Continuous Product Design, Quantum Metric has taken the guesswork out of journey analytics. With autocapture and a rich set of out-of-the-box behavioral data, brands immediately identify anomalies in the digital experience and can easily see the “why” behind it. Automated step analysis then provides audience dimensions, behavior signals, relevant micro-conversions and potential errors, making it easy to take action. Insights are visible to the entire organization, easily quantified, and aligned with business goals; this enables brands to have a continuous understanding of the customer journey.

Other key features of Journeys include:

  • Real-time visualization without configuration – Once the Quantum Metric tag is deployed, Quantum Metric Journeys just works – no manual tagging needed. Providing an automatic population of highest converting and poorest performing paths, brands can easily build new queries and start pulling insight in real-time.
  • Access to native app Journeys – Adding Quantum Metric to native applications via iOS and Android SDKs, brands can quickly visualize customer journeys specific to the mobile experience. This feature is backed by the same rich data experience found in web analytics.
  • Built for cross-team sharing – Brands can use segment builder to refine journey analytics for key audiences and build team-specific views to provide access across the organization. This includes the ability to easily pivot into error analysis or page analytics, and break-down those findings into actionable steps.
  • Centered on customer empathy – Extending Quantum Metric’s customer-centric approach to digital experiences, brands relive the true customer experience with detailed and contextual session replay right, available within Quantum Metric Journeys.

“Data can tell you one thing, but visually, the story’s much easier to grasp by people who are not always in the data,” said Martin Von Wenckstern, vice president of personalization and customer analytics at Canadian Tire. “Journeys is going to help more of the organization align around the digital customer experience because it makes it easy to see the top customer flows and take action.”

Journeys enhances Quantum Metric’s already market-leading platform, which empowers organizations to build more meaningful digital experiences. Capturing customer insights from $1B ecommerce sales in just the first half of 2021 alone, Quantum Metric has helped the top brands in industries including retail, telecom, financial services and travel deliver better digital products with speed and confidence.


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