Qualtrics Announces Delighted AI

Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category, today announced Delighted AI, an artificial intelligence and machine learning engine built directly into Delighted’s customer experience platform. Delighted, a Qualtrics company, developed its AI technology to intelligently automate every aspect of the customer feedback process, from scheduling to analysis and reporting, so that companies can focus on closing feedback loops faster than ever. Delighted AI is complementary to Qualtrics’ existing Text iQ™ enterprise technology for CustomerXM™, optimized for Delighted customers.

Today, the most successful customer experience programs are no longer measurement or metrics-based. Over the past few months, Net Promoter Scores have significantly declined in response to COVID-19, exposing customer experience gaps that companies have failed to address or identify. The companies who have emerged as customer experience leaders in the crisis have continuously listened to their customers, and more importantly, responded quickly to their preferences and expectations.

Delighted AI was created based on semantics and themes in the millions of customer feedback responses that Delighted and its customers have analyzed over several years to drive customer experience success.

“Delighted AI helped the right teams at our company understand customer feedback with more precision than ever before, which has been critical in the middle of a pandemic where we need to adapt and respond even more quickly to our customers’ needs and expectations,” said Roxana Turcanu, Growth Director for Adore Me, a New York-based e-commerce company. “We just recently launched a new try-at-home brand called Outlines, and we were able to do so with the help of Delighted AI by capturing and applying feedback early – this enabled us to pivot, at a rate we’ve never been able to do, towards what our customers actually wanted from our brand.”

Benefits of Delighted AI include:

  • Ensuring the highest customer response rate. Delighted AI automatically knows when, and how, to ask your customers for feedback based on adaptive sampling and smart scheduling.
  • Receiving quality customer feedback. Delighted AI evaluates customer feedback to detect and prevent any low-quality submissions.
  • Surfacing feedback themes and insights with Smart Trends. Smart Trends is Delighted’s AI-based text analysis that immediately serves the top keywords and themes emerging in your customers’ open-ended feedback. It also creates and saves search filters and reports for ongoing analysis so your teams can prioritize and respond, down to the specific channel or point within the customer journey, such as onboarding or web support.

“Customer experience programs are rapidly evolving as companies have realized that relying on traditional metrics alone does not determine customer success. Instead, the customer experience leaders are winning based on gathering in-the-moment feedback that is immediately actionable and building a culture of continuous listening,” said Caleb Elston, co-founder of Delighted. “We created Delighted AI to empower companies to spend less time configuring, implementing, and analyzing so they can focus on acting on insights faster than any other technology or human could before.”

Acquired by Qualtrics in 2018, Delighted is one of the fastest and easiest ways to take action on customer feedback, which enables innovative brands and organizations of any size to quickly implement a customer experience program across every channel.

Learn more about Delighted AI here.

About Qualtrics
Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the Experience Management (XM) category, is changing the way organizations manage and improve the four core experiences of business––customer, employee, product, and brand. Over 11,000 organizations around the world are using Qualtrics to listen, understand, and take action on experience data (X-data™)––the beliefs, emotions, and intentions that tell you why things are happening, and what to do about it. The Qualtrics XM Platform™ is a system of action that helps businesses attract customers who stay longer and buy more, engage employees who build a positive culture, develop breakthrough products people love, and build a brand people are passionate about. To learn more, please visit qualtrics.com.

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