MFour Launches Atlas Views Customer Journey Platform

In the US, mobile research specialist MFour has launched an omnichannel consumer journey platform called Atlas Views, built on 100,000 ‘demographically balanced’ consumers.

MFour uses GPS technology to collect information at what it calls the ‘point of emotion’; and offers the Surveys On The Go (SOTG) app, providing access to an all-mobile panel, and the MFourDIY survey tool. SOTG now tracks more than ten million daily app and web and brick and mortar journeys, to provide an omnichannel view of shopping behavior.

The new Atlas Views solution, part of the company’s Atlas Studio, enables subscribers to understand trends in consumer sentiment – such as satisfaction and trip types. With millions of daily journeys, the solution offers a look at app, web and in-store shopping trends. Subscribers can use the data for product placement and advertising, then to survey when trends emerge, for a ‘complete picture’ of consumer behavior.

CEO Chris St Hilaire (pictured) comments: ‘Consumers are dynamic and especially post-COVID, it’s critical to get visibility into the omnishopper journey. With cookies and IDFA’s going away, you need an opted-in first-party panel that has been paid fairly to share their data and insights. Now, clients can see opted-in consumer paths-to-purchase – data they just can’t get anywhere else.’

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