IMI Hydronic Engineering Selects Confirmit

 IMI Hydronic Engineering, the industry-leading provider of innovative and reliable HVAC solutions, has selected Confirmit Horizons as the platform to support its new customer experience (CX) program.

IMI Hydronic Engineering is working with Confirmit to build a series of surveys that will deliver a clear picture of the customer experience across key touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Surveys will be automatically triggered through an integration with the company’s CRM system.

“We already have a good view of our long-term customer relationships, but it’s vital that we understand how we are winning business, and which touchpoints are critical to our success,” explains Peter Agneborn, Director of Sales, IMI Hydronic Engineering. “By capturing feedback from customers and prospects at key stages – such as after receiving a quote or post-installation – we can ensure that we improve our approach to offer a better experience to our clients so we can win and retain more clients.”

IMI Hydronic Engineering is already up and running with the solution, which is operating across 3 key countries. The program supports survey creation and deployment, tailored reporting to dozens of IMI team members, and alerting to enable the team to take immediate action based on feedback.

“It was very clear that Confirmit was the right partner for us,” Agneborn continued. “Not only could they support us in integrating with our existing CRM system, but they were also able to support us to get started. This is an important initiative for us as we strive towards our vision of delivering great customer service, so being able to work with an agile, supportive and expert team at Confirmit has been fantastic.”

“We’re delighted to be working with the team at IMI Hydronic Engineering,” added Tim Hannington, Chief Revenue Officer at Confirmit. “Their commitment to continuous improvement to exceed customer expectations is clear evidence of how they place their clients at the center of their operational drive to succeed. We’re proud to partner with them and look forward to supporting their growth and success out into the future.”

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About Confirmit:

Confirmit is the world’s leading vendor for Market Research, Customer Experience, and Employee Engagement solutions. Confirmit platforms enable data collection, analysis, visualization and action management to empower businesses to make smarter decisions that drive business growth. Confirmit supports over 650 clients in more than 50 countries, including many of the world’s leading brands.

Confirmit has offices in Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Confirmit’s software is also distributed through partner resellers in Madrid, Milan, and Tokyo. Visit for more information.

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