Findologic and BigCommerce Announce Strategic Partnership

Findologic, the leading search and navigation platform, has announced its pan-European partnership with global ecommerce platform provider, BigCommerce. The strategic alliance sees the two tech leaders join forces to offer retailers new and innovative ways to power online customer experiences that drive sales and build long-term customer loyalty.

“Looking ahead, we will be collaborating closely to offer up a combined technology roadmap that pushes the envelope on innovation and enables retailers to evolve and future-proof their ecommerce operations”

Findologic’s solution helps supercharge ecommerce conversions by allowing retailers to optimise every element of a shopper’s path to purchase – from enhanced on-site search and navigation to serving up hyper-personalised content that supports an individual customer’s buying journey, to UX optimisation, shopping guides and online merchandising.

Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered virtual shopping assistant, Li.S.A.®, uses intent signals and discovery to deliver improved on-site search. Unlike traditional search solutions, which rely on keyword and often return volumes of random results, Li.S.A.® is able to analyse behaviours to understand each shopper’s intent, in order to deliver personalised recommendations that are more likely to convert.

Marking the launch of the partnership, Findologic is now offering a plug-in that allows brands and retailers already using the BigCommerce platform to quickly and easily enhance on-site search and navigation.

Using the newly developed app available on the BigCommerce platform, retailers can transform digital buying journeys using Findologic in as little as 5 weeks – from an initial scope of work, which includes a bespoke project plan, through to integration, testing and go-live. Findologic’s user interface allows direct integration into retailers’ online store fronts, while its mobile-first technology ensures that User Experience (UX) is optimised and future-proofed, no matter what channel or device the customer choses to shop on.

Matthias Heimbeck, CEO of Findologic, commented: “By basing on-site search on intent and not keywords, we help retailers revolutionise the way shoppers are served results online, to enhance CX, drive conversions and revenues, all while reducing returns and improving customer lifetime value. We’re excited to be working with BigCommerce to offer up these capabilities to its customers, so that they too can drive value across their business – and this is just the start of that journey.

“Looking ahead, we will be collaborating closely to offer up a combined technology roadmap that pushes the envelope on innovation and enables retailers to evolve and future-proof their ecommerce operations,” he added.

Deepak Anand, Senior Director at BigCommerce, said: “As two businesses that put the enhancement of customer experience at the front and centre of what we do, this is a natural fit that we should come together and collaborate formally as partners. With so much opportunity to grow the online channel, as we have seen demand for ecommerce accelerated and sustained since the start of the pandemic, our partnership will allow retailers and brands to optimise ecommerce shopping journeys to meet the ongoing needs of customers.”

About Findologic

Findologic has been developing modern software solutions for online shops since 2008 and is one of the world’s leading providers today.

Just as a helpful sales assistant completes the shopping experience for the in-store customer – so the digital shopping assistant supports and serves the online shopper. This is exactly where our unique approach helps ecommerce businesses. We keep our finger on the pulse with our technology partners, agencies, shop systems and customers – with unparalleled results.

We radically rethink processes and solutions, so that set up is simple and effortless. Our platform and products automatically adapt to the online shop, which drastically reduces maintenance and support, and at the same time significantly increases flexibility, usability and customer proximity.

This also benefits customers in terms of quality and price. As part of a holistic customer journey intelligent technologies from Findologic greatly improve the user experience, leading to satisfied customers.


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