COVID-19 Outbreak Creates Surge In Cannabis Loyalty Redemptions

The outbreak of the coronavirus and resulting COVID-19 has created a surge in legal cannabis sales as people across the country seek to stockpile products, with numerous retailers reporting cannabis sales were up as much as 200% last week alone.

New data from Springbig, a cannabis loyalty marketing platform with more than 12 million users, reveals that even in these trying times, the marijuana industry continues to leverage consumer loyalty programs.

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According to the firm, there’s been a spike in dispensary loyalty programs as a result of consumers looking to save money by redeeming their awards, as well as dispensaries continuing to leverage their loyalty programs to maintain their competitive edge.

For instance:

  • Washington cannabis loyalty programs increased by 113.8% from 34,905 (Feb. 2-15) to 74,623 (Mar. 8-14)
  • California cannabis loyalty programs increased by 87.9% from 199,788 (Feb. 2-15) to 375,478 (Mar. 8-14).

Stay tuned in for more information on how the coronavirus is affecting the cannabis industry.

This article originally appeared in Benzinga.

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