Centerfield Launches Customer Intelligence Tool “Insights by Scout”

Centerfield, a technology-driven marketing and customer acquisition company, announced the launch of its customer intelligence platform, Insights by Scout.

Insights by Scout is the newest component of Dugout, Centerfield’s industry leading platform that automates end-to-end customer acquisition for millions of shopping experiences each year. Insights by Scout surfaces actionable insights from first-party digital shopping experiences so Dugout can better pinpoint a brand’s ideal target customer, optimize audience targeting, and acquire customers with high long-term value efficiently.

Dugout’s user interface allows for an intuitive, self-service experience that recommends audiences, messaging and customer experiences. These learnings can instantly be applied through Dugout to marketing channels such as search and social to improve efficiency. With Insights by Scout, Dugout can more efficiently acquire additional in-market customers for products such as internet, TV, and home security.

“We built Insights by Scout so our marketing and sales teams could have key audience insights at their fingertips, in a digestible and user-friendly format,” said Gary Pak, Centerfield’s chief operating officer and CTO. “It can help improve campaign performance, but it can also improve the customer shopping experience by letting us target the right people with the right message.”

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