Zyper Expands Into Global Markets and Verticals With Key New Partnerships

Zyper, a marketing platform that connects brands with their superfans to drive engagement, insights and sales, today announced significant growth milestones that it has achieved in 2020 to date. So far this year, Zyper has added over 12 clients, including General Mills, Frito Lay, and Dunkin Donuts, and increased its number of enterprise clients by 200%; expanded its global reach into the Australian, Middle Eastern, French and Italian markets; launched its self-serve branded chat feature; and has seen a 160% increase in the number of superfans using its platform to connect with their favorite brands

“It’s incredibly relevant to our branded retention and lifetime value initiatives.”

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“This is an optimal time for brands to drive loyalty, insights and awareness by engaging and collaborating with their customers in fresh new ways that feel unique and completely authentic,” said Amber Atherton, CEO and Founder of Zyper. “Zyper’s growth and global expansion indicate that consumers are looking to collaborate with their favorite brands in a trusted environment that encourages authentic connections with real people.”

Zyper’s software uses computer vision and natural language processing to source the top 1% of a brand’s biggest fans and build strong brand communities where those superfans play a key role. Once these superfans have been identified, Zyper invites them to join an interest-based community hosted on its software platform. These communities provide a constant stream of trusted, user-generated content (UGC) that sparks conversation and boosts sales while unearthing new product and purchase insights. This year, Zyper has expanded into the luxury category, helping companies including LVMH, Richemont, Kering, and FarFetch to build communities of loyal brand fans.

“Zyper identifies our most loyal customers and helps us connect with them directly,” said Léa Guillemier, Influencer Marketing Executive at Farfetch. “It’s incredibly relevant to our branded retention and lifetime value initiatives.”

Zyper’s data indicate that when a brand gains a new customer through a friend who is one of the brand’s superfans (via the friend’s online link), that new customer spends three times more over a three-month period than a customer acquired via a Facebook ad does. Among the brand superfans who work with Zyper, 94% say being recognized by brands makes them feel more brand loyal.

This year, Zyper launched its self-serve branded chat feature, a product that allows companies to leverage Zyper’s in-app branding capabilities to create a customized, immersive community experience that lets them interact with their loyal customers, co-create content and uncover consumer insights through polls and surveys. Suitcase Magazine, That Coat, Liquid Death Mountain Water and Niente Di Nuovo are among the companies currently enrolled in the product’s beta test.

About Zyper

Zyper is a peer-to-peer-marketing software platform that enables brands to leverage their most loyal customers as a new marketing force. The platform uses technologies such as computer vision, natural language processing and predictive analytics to identify the top 1% of a brand’s most loyal fans, who create authentic brand-related content to share with their own communities, ultimately driving brand engagement, insights and revenues. Founded by entrepreneur Amber Atherton in 2017, Zyper is enabling beauty, apparel, footwear, and food and beverage companies around the world to connect with their superfans and build communities around them.


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