Today (Sunday), omnichannel customer engagement platform developer Emarsys announced that it will acquire Loyalsys, an Israeli led, Austrian incorporated startup, which provides actionable insight to brands for better customer retention and loyalty programs. The full exit price has yet to published but rumored to be in the tens of millions of dollars. This move to consolidate eMarketing insight products comes just 3 weeks after software giant SAP announced it was acquiring Emarsys, for somewhere in the vicinity of $500 million, to boost its customer experience offering.

Both will operate under the SAP umbrella


Emarsys is a technology company that provides a leading and unique marketing platform that is used in more than 1500 marketing networks and eCommerce sites, including Samsonite, Wizz Air, Karl Lagerfeld, and many more. The Austria-based company, which was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs, employs 800 people around the world, with a global deployment in more than 13 offices, and a presence in Israel as well.

Hagai Hartman, founder and director of innovation at Emarsys, said after the acquisition: “The need to retain customers and maximize their value has never been more important to companies. The synergy between Loyalsys’ solution and Emarsys’ platform enables marketers to take customer retention and loyalty programs a big step further, with a better and more personalized customer experience in every business-customer interaction.”

Loyalsys was founded in 2018 under the leadership of entrepreneurs Yaniv Kaspi and Michael Fisch. The company is incorporated in Austria, and has an office in Israel, which serves as base of the support and development teams. Loyalsys provides brands with loyalty programs and membership clubs for the purpose of driving brand-to-customer collaborations, retaining customers, and making sure that you get the most out of the marketing budget. Following the acquisition, the company intends to recruit additional development talent for the Israeli office.

Yaniv Kaspi, one of the founders of Loyalsys, shared: “We are excited about the opportunity to become part of the Emarsys family. Our teams have been our partners from the first moments, as we envisioned to bring innovation to the marketing world. We look forward to our common future as part of the software giant SAP.”

COVID-19 has set an uncertain stage, from driving eCommerce through the roof to mass unemployment and money-strict times, the situation has launched brands to scour for the next marketing solution that helps provide the most optimal customer experience, while further maximizing the bond between brand and consumer. Brands are hungry for marketing solutions to boost customer loyalty, this merger of customer experience technologies enables both brands and communities a personalized marketing experience that provides actionable insight to drive customer retention up.

Ohad Hecht, CEO of Emarsys, said: “Emarsys’ decision to acquire Loyalsys came after a highly successful business and technological collaboration between the two companies. We are happy to take our shared goals one step further and to continue providing our customers with the most advanced platform on the market.”

This article originally appeared in Geektime.