Winterberry Group Research: Brands’ Struggles with Decisioning Solutions

Only 14 percent of marketers and advertisers “very satisfied” with the contribution and value of their decisioning solutions; research demystifies the “brain” of the tech stack delivering the promise of effective communication

Winterberry Group, a specialized management consultancy with deep experience in advertising, marketing, data, technology and commerce, released new research: “Demystifying Decisioning & Orchestration: The Power Behind Customer Journeys.”

The research, which finds only 14 percent of marketers and advertisers having success with decisioning, breaks down decisioning solutions – the “brain” of the tech stack – and orchestration technologies to solve for real-time, cross-channel customer journey activation.

“Decisioning, and subsequently orchestration solutions, is a transformational initiative brands are undertaking in an increasingly difficult environment to interact with customers,” said Michael Harrison, managing partner of Winterberry Group. “Our new research provides a framework to understand the challenges, identify the opportunities, and build a roadmap for future success.”

Based on contributions from more than 50 senior executives representing marketers, advertisers, publishers, decisioning and orchestration platforms, agencies and data providers, Winterberry Group’s research delivers clarity on decisioning by providing:

  • The opportunity and challenges of effective decisioning
  • The role of decisioning in the marketing and advertising, and customer experience ecosystems
  • Definitions of decisioning and orchestration, and the evolution of the practice in organizations
  • What drives complexity in decisioning and orchestration?
  • Requirements, pricing models, and privacy and transparency considerations

“To deliver the personalized experiences today’s consumers expect, brands not only have to understand when, where and how their customers want to connect with them but also provide the right experience in the moment with the right context to create long-term relationships. Well-executed offer decisioning and orchestration backed by real-time customer insights across the entire customer journey is essential for brands looking to become leaders in customer experience management,” said Sunil Menon, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Adobe.

“The importance of Decisioning – and owning core IP in the process – drove IPG to align Acxiom, Kinesso and Matterkind as three complementary companies focusing on customer intelligence, marketing intelligence and addressable activation, respectively,” said Ian Johnson, COO, Kinesso. “Our proprietary decisioning engine is designed to determine how best a brand should reach its desired audience in an addressable manner, through the right channels and with optimal timing.”

This article originally appeared in MarTech Series.

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