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TheCustomer Quick-Take: 1/30/23

Editor’s Note: It isn’t so much what you say as how you say it. Don’t believe me?  Today’s edition of the Quick-take finds actual data proving that ChatGPT may not be all that, that big brands can also step in ****, that certain words carry more weight than others, and that certain politicians may not want to get rid of their human speechwriters just yet. 

– Mike Giambattista, Editor in Chief

FEATURE: Big Brand Faux Pas

Brand Faux Pas

We took our 2022 Loyalty Leaders List and calculated the percent-contribution certain logos made to loyalty and profitability. Researchers know stuff like that! But let us not forget, logos are visual touchpoints – their prime-directive presenting brands in ways that makes them easily recognized and understood.

Content & Marketing 1

Report Finds Authentic User-Generated Content Most Trustworthy. Consumers less trusting of Staged User-Generated Content and Influencers. The newly released 2023 State of Social & User-Generated Content (SOSUGC) report found consumers trust authentic, unpaid reviews from real customers more than any other type of content. The level of trust varies depending on the type of content.

Content & Marketing 2

Top- and Least-Performing Words for Engaging Consumers. The Persado Content Intelligence team analyzed 21.6 billion consumer impressions (emails sent), encompassing 8.6 billion permutations, between Jan 1-Dec 15, 2022. Messages spanned industries, with the largest concentration in retail. Persado revealed the 10 best- and least-performing words in emails sent to consumers based on message engagement (clicks). Words were tagged to the most likely associated emotion as determined by the Persado Motivation AI Platform. The full lists of words, analysis, and top takeaways for 2023, are available on the Persado blog.

CX 1

Q4 2022 Business Trend Recap. “Compared to the same months in 2021, October, November and December 2022 saw an increase in orders by at least 10% each month. Over the past few years customer expectations and habits have changed, which means that even though restrictions have lifted, customers are still choosing to shop online. It’s no longer about brick and mortar or ecommerce, it’s about customer relationships

CX 2

KPMG Survey: Customer Experience as the Number One Brand Differentiator. “Today’s customers are better informed, better connected and more demanding than ever before. In some cases, customer experience has overtaken price and product as the number one brand differentiator. Although many organizations are investing record amounts in customer-related initiatives, not all are seeing the desired ROI in the absence of a clear CX strategy.” 

Kinda Saw That Coming …

The first AI-written Speech by Congressman is as Flavorless as You’d Expect. Representative Jake Auchincloss used ChatGPT to generate a couple of paragraphs extolling the virtues of a proposed AI research center jointly run by the US and Israel. It’s dull as ditchwater, but that’s no surprise. I mean, sure. It has the right sounding words in the right sounding order but is completely devoid of spirit or originality or anything, really. I see “mutually beneficial,” “critical step,” and “leadership role.”  Frankly, it looks like it was written by AI.

See you on Thursday!

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