TheCustomer QT 7-27-21

TheCustomer QT – July 27, 2021

In today’s edition of TheCustomer QT: On the edge of data privacy hell, how to keep good employees, Drawing lines between brands and vaccinations, Reverse loyalty, and it’s not too late for free Guac!

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This Outed Priest’s Story is a Warning

Quick-Take: Companies sell this data with ease because the data supply chain is opaque and the practice is barely regulated, especially in the United States. The $12 million fine from Norway was because Grindr violated the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. The United States still doesn’t have an equivalent federal privacy law, so Grindr may not have done anything legally wrong here unless it lied to consumers about its privacy practices (at which point it may be subject to Federal Trade Commission penalties, such as they are).

Quick-Take: Shockingly, this report found that the vast majority (79%) of businesses admit that their user data tracking across the company’s websites and channels is not fully compliant. An even greater majority (90%) were not able to confirm that they were aware of all types of tracking technologies operating on their company’s website.

The Data Ethics Canvas

Quick-Take: In this two-hour online course, run by our experts, you will be given an introduction to the concept of data ethics, how ethics is addressed in other domains, and how data ethics can be applied to help organisations avoid harmful impacts and increase trust in new products and services.



Digital Wellbeing

Quick-Take: Almost a quarter of the workforce has the intention to leave in less than a year and 40% of workers intend to leave their current jobs within the next two years. However, a study by Towers Watson and the National Business Group on Health has shown that organisations with highly effective wellbeing programs report significantly lower voluntary attrition.



Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Understand AI

Quick-Take: Over 50% of executives report “major” or “extreme” concern about the ethical and reputational risks of AI in their organization given its current level of preparedness for identifying and mitigating those risks. That means that building an AI ethical risk program that everyone is bought into is necessary for deploying AI at all.



Quick-Take: Panera, Starbucks and Pizza Hut customers top the list when it comes to vaccine readiness, meaning these customers are the most likely to have already received a COVID-19 vaccine or to be actively seeking vaccination. Meanwhile, Taco Bell customers remain most resistant to vaccination. With knowledge of where a brand’s loyalists sit on the topic of vaccination, companies can fine-tune their campaign efforts on this sensitive subject. Ideally, this fine-tuning should also be informed by the personal values of a given brand’s loyalists.



A New Loyalty Paradigm

Quick-Take: The Loyalty Report 2021 identifies the key metrics that are the strongest predictors of higher share of wallet from customers: “I am loyal to the program” (29% of consumers strongly agree) and “I am loyal to the brand” (30% strongly agree), as well as a new variable grounded in relationships: “brand is loyal to me” (only 20% strongly agree).

It’s not too late!

Quick-Take: El Pollo Loco, the nation’s leading fire-grilled chicken restaurant chain, is launching its first-ever Guac Pass in partnership with Avocados From Mexico, to celebrate members of its Loco Rewards customer loyalty program and celebrate one of the brand’s favorite days of the year, National Avocado Day. New and existing Loco Rewards members who make a purchase anytime between July 26-31 will automatically be entered to win a Guac Pass.

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