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TheCustomer News – Episode 5

In Episode 5 of TheCustomer News, Rafer & company go beyond the news cycle to talk through what the headlines actually mean for marketers:

  • What it really takes to delete customer data

  • Trust works and now there’s data to prove it

  • Transparency is a leading loyalty indicator

Roundtable Discussion: Data, Transparency, Authenticity & Trust in CX

Special guests:

  1. Trust is a big topic right now – you hear it from all corners of marketing. But is there a data-based rationale for trust in communications?  In marketing?  In CX?
  2. How did we get to this place where trust is so important to the customer transaction / conversation / process?
  3. How can brands build & engender customer trust? What are some specific things they can to to proactively build something that may be lacking currently?  In other words, if your trust score is zero (or lower) – what steps can brands take to fix that?
  4. Conversely – what do they need to avoid?

Catch past episodes here.

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