TheCustomer News Episode 10

TheCustomer News – Episode 10

In episode 10 of TheCustomer News, Rafer and guests tackle the latest headlines:


Net Promoter Score Fading in Relevance

The digital-first era is here to stay. NPS used to be the holy grail of measuring customer sentiment. But a Harvard Business study showed 8 in 10 executives surveyed say digital adoption the key to long-term success. 92% says now is the time to capitalize.

This is the current favorite topic of just about everyone who operates in the CX world.  Creating great customer experiences is a complex undertaking with a LOT of variables.  NPS by itself, doesn’t deliver the nuance, the insight or the directional guidance brands now require.  Instead, why not look at customer expectation scores – or customer / brand alignment scores.  Much more directional and therefore much more helpful to people who have to design those experiences.

Fast Food Loyalty Winners

There’s been a crazy shift towards loyalty programs for fast-food chains as restaurants battle for our business. Newsweek published a ranking of foodie favorite programs. The winner? El Pollo Loco, which I only remember being out west. Consumers say they are the leaders in loyalty.

This is actually pretty significant.  The big loyalty program winner is also one of the simplest loyalty programs in market.  There are dozens and dozens of levers that loyalty marketers can pull on to try and create deeper & better engagement.  But each one of those adds some level of complexity which in turn adds some level of friction to the customer really understanding and engaging with the brand.  Now it turns out that simplicity – which equates to ease-of-understanding – wins!

Study shows change the only constant in Martech.

A recent survey revealed about 83% of companies have replaced their martech platform in the past year. Meaning, marketers need to embrace change enhance stacks or be left behind. The challenge is for businesses is when to do it.

I heard a keynote the other day where the speaker said, in effect, the customer was already in the midst of massive expectational change before the pandemic happened.  The pandemic not only accelerated that change but forced companies to reckon with that change.  And that’s why we’re seeing statistics like this 83% charging toward technology changes.


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