Tenerity, an intelligent engagement company, has just launched Connect Cloud, a breakthrough engagement solution for the loyalty industry. Connect Cloud is a platform that enables companies to engage customers with compelling offers to make their brand memorable every day and, ultimately, generate revenue. With a strong foundation in machine learning and analytics, Connect Cloud will drive profitable loyalty.

In a world where loyalty programs and marketing are converging, companies are questioning what the right way is to engage their customers. Connect Cloud is the solution that brings this all together.

With eight core standardized modules, Connect Cloud’s integration options are configurable, making it easy for clients to deploy, and can be up and running in four weeks.

Connect Cloud’s multi-layered intelligence approach structures data to inform both content and context. This makes offers meaningful, allows personalization at scale, and results in highly curated individualized marketing offers and immersive customer experiences. And the foundational analytics enable continuous learning to optimize customer outcomes and make loyalty profitable.

“Connect Cloud combines content, user, and marketing intelligence to deliver powerful personalization and optimization plus commercial flexibility to maximize loyalty outcomes,” said Rachel Bicking, Chief Digital Officer, Tenerity. “The intelligence coupled with the vast universe of content like discounts, cashback, sweepstakes, card linked offers, and experiences, takes engagement to the next level by making true brand advocates and creating advocacy at scale.”

Connect Cloud is available now for brands around the world.



Tenerity is an intelligent engagement company. We provide global clients with intelligent engagement solutions that give customers reasons to connect with a brand, attracting them on daily with compelling offers, and not just when they are transacting with a product or service. Our multi-layered intelligence structures data to inform both content and context to make offers meaningful and effectively personalize at scale. This results in highly curated, individualized marketing offers and immersive customer experiences. It’s the continuous learning generated by the data intelligence that optimizes customer outcomes and makes loyalty profitable.

Based in Stamford, Conn., Tenerity operates in 18 countries and our 1400 associates work with more than 2000 clients. For more information, visit www.tenerity.com.