Tapestry Taps Amperity

Tapestry, which includes such brands as Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman under its portfolio, is teaming with customer data solutions provider Amperity to grow its personalization capabilities and customer experiences.

The No. 55 retailer will leverage Amperity’s AmpID, Amp360 and AmpIQ products to generate customer profiles to serve as a basis for predictive analytics and subsequently improving customer interactions.

The AmpID first-party identity product features AI-powered identity resolution, while Amp360 is designed to provide enterprise-wide access to customer data. Amperity’s AmpIQ is a marketer hub for customer intelligence and omnichannel activation.

Noam Paransky, Tapestry chief digital officer, said leveraging new capabilities and data, and sharpening its customer focus, are key principles of its acceleration program, which its partnership with Amerpity will unlock.  It will also enable the company to provide its team members with actionable insights to drive experimentation and activation, so it can personalize customer touchpoints without the need for significant tech expertise or code.

“Our ability to combine data from various sources and create a comprehensive and unified view of our customers is another step in Tapestry’s strategy to be an enabling platform that enhances opportunities for our brands,” he noted.

“Luxury fashion is contending with sweeping and fundamental change. Companies like Tapestry are responding with meaningful investments in the customer data that can help them stay ahead of these changes,” said Amperity CEO Kabir Shahani. “Amperity’s enterprise CDP platform was purpose-built for large consumer brands like Tapestry that manage millions of customer interactions across multiple properties and geographies.”

This announcement originally appeared in RISNews.

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