Social Permission and Technology (Ketchum)

Technology played a key role in helping people get through COVID. However, its perceived impact was both good and bad, with increased use of technology walking the tightrope between making peoples’ lives better but also fueling technology fatigue and burnout. In fact, new data is exposing a reputational chasm between society’s love for technology products and growing concern about technology business practices.

Our third annual Social Permission and Technology study explores peoples’ perceptions about technology as it becomes more pervasive in our lives – providing real-world insights into:

  • Technology adoption trends in 2020 – and beyond
  • Impact of pervasive technology on how people live and work
  • Burnout, mental health and well-being
  • Choice versus necessity and how it affects consumer perceptions
  • Technology’s gender challenges in and beyond the workplace
  • The digital divide and its social, political and economic impacts
  • Technology companies’ role in social responsibility
  • Data privacy and security
  • The broader technology ecosystem (and why B2B companies should care about consumer perceptions)

These insights provide a look into the minds of people today, enabling technology companies to serve their needs more effectively while avoiding potential pitfalls that could harm the industry’s short- and long-term prospects.

To learn more about these findings – and their implications for technology companies, leaders and communicators – register to download the free report.


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