Sigstr & Drift Unveil New Integration

Sigstr, the email signature marketing company, announced a new integration with Drift, the conversational marketing and sales technology company. The integration is designed to help mutual customers easily run simultaneous campaigns that can connect account executives with prospects when they engage with a campaign email signature banner.

Other features of the integration include:

  • “Chat with Me” capabilities: A new feature in the Sigstr signature builder that enables users with Drift accounts to include a “chat with me” button in every email they send;
  • Outlook support: Shared customers can start Drift conversations in every email sent through Microsoft Outlook; and
  • Click and CQL analytics: Detailed insights into the number of chats started through Sigstr banners and total number of chat-qualified leads.

“We know email isn’t going anywhere, but how much would our inboxes be spared if we were able to move those back-and-forth conversations to chat?” Justin Keller, VP of Marketing at Sigstr, wrote in a blog post detailing the announcement. “Wouldn’t a customer experience be so much better if you were able to click in an email and instantly be connected to the right person? Our new integration with Drift allows you to just do that and much more.”

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