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Conversations with TheCustomer: Riaz Raihan, President of Alida: Ai in CX

In this installment of Conversations with TheCustomer, we sit down with Riaz Raihan, President of Alida, to talk about the uses, potential uses – and the dangers of using AI in the CX world.  Among his other duties, Riaz oversees Alida’s technology and engineering efforts and is known voice advocating for the smart use of AI in business.  Note the use of the word “smart” there – Riaz is a deep thinker on the topic and is strong advocate the its ethical deployment – especially where it concerns customer-facing, or customer-related issues.

What’s more, because he doesn’t hail from the marketing side of things, Riaz brings a perspective that is refreshingly clear and straight-forward.  So what’s the best way to bake AI into CX?  You’ll want to watch the conversation to find out.

Editor’s note:  This conversation was particularly informative and, if I may say so, interesting.  I encourage you to watch it if for no other reason than the “outside” perspective that Riaz brings to our space.

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